Kelvin Brown Shell Oil Rig Contractor and United Nations

by Biggles777

Stolen Image of Innocent Man Used by African Scammers

Stolen Image of Innocent Man Used by African Scammers

Hello. I met one Kelvin Brown on Words With Friends. Details are hard to come by due to him knowing only one thing, how to throw love at a woman. When they do that, it is all they know, they forget their lies. This is no kid. I am talking to but a well educated man, he works with others, and they are very good at Adobe PhotoShop.

I asked for proof of being on an oil rig and got it. In this post I will focus on showing you how to tell a very professional PhotoShopped image for being the fake it is. This is heavily edited to protect my alias, who I am and criminals from learning their mistakes.

I will also share something else these men do. In short, after about a week, they try to attack your computer. It is not just any attack, it is an all in attempt to control your entire PC. Without you knowing it.

Kelvin Brown claims to work for the Shell Oil UK company. On an oil rig 400 nautical miles into the Atlantic ocean off the coast of England.

He has a son, Derrick 13 years of age but he never says where. He spells Derrick wrong repeatedly. He does try to get you to talk to his son on Gmail but when you send a chat invite it is never accepted. His scam is his leave. This is where a lot of red flags should be raised. He said he works for Shell Oil, why does he ask you to be his wife and apply to the United Nations for his leave if he works for Shell Oil? That is a significant red flag.

Him: I have a little problem my love 😍

Me: You don't strike me as a man who'd have a problem babe

Him: Kelvin Brown (
I have exhausted all of my free vacation if I should be coming over to Australia I will want you to apply for my vacation then it will be granted. The problem is I need someone to apply for me then it will be granted

Me: Ooh okay. I am happy to help if you need babe

Him: Kelvin Brown (
Okay sweetheart thank you so much. I will be given you united nation email in other for you to apply for my vacation telling them its me Kelvin

The email is: avoid at all costs as it is not the email they usually use and refer;

Even the United Nations know this is used for fraud and warn about it. Google the email address and you'll see.

So in short that is his scam. He wants you to be his wife and apply to the United Nations for his leave. Now he wants an iTunes card as a test. I've had enough of nothing but love. He is however smart and plays quizzes.

Me: Do you have Google?

Him: Yes I do it's every where

Me: Good. Your profile picture on this. Do a search. Why does it return more than 10 pages of different names and email addresses?

Him: I don't understand what you mean

Me: I mean your picture is all over the internet. I lost count of how many different names and emails it has attached to it. YOU search it. It is your picture and a picture of you

Him: I will do

Me: If I found my picture like that I'd be asking a question or two. Why aren't you?

Him: I have heard many people are impensinating me

Me: You sent me a song. Why was it quarantined by my firewall? Take note the major tech companies didn't know!

What's it

Me: As you don't have iTunes you can't use it for that app. That only leaves one thing. You are changing it for cash or Bitcoin

Him: No how is that done

Him: I want to call you

Me: Nope I'm not answering you know what to do with the card. Convert to cash or Bitcoin

Him: I don't know what you are talking about

Him: I only as you to help me get iTunes card in other for me to upgrade my computer
and get new songs He slips up, he does know how to cash a card

Me: Just like the UN and Shell, just like your images all over the web, just like a data mining virus and a $500 card for an app you don't have, a son who doesn't talk. I want proof then I'll take your call

Missed call from Kelvin
Mar 14, 11:42 PM
Missed call from Kelvin
Mar 14, 11:43 PM

Him: Did you see my call?

Me: No I'm not answering. In short I have no idea as to who you are.

Him: Now I see you are beginning to scare me and I never expected this from you.

Me: I'm no lame duck man! You're on an oil rig. Prove it to me!

Him: You really surprised me the way sound today! My thought was that I was talking to the woman 👩 God sent to me not knowing you will change.

Him: I will prove it to you.

Me: On my terms. I did things for you and have more than one card.

Him: It against the company rule to take picture here while working but I will only break this rule to send a picture to you so you can know am not a ghost 👻 nether someone who is telling lies to you.

Me: Good you can take a photo. You on the helipad. A selfie, spare hand raised. I give you me and my daughter dated in return. You have 24 hours. Good night.

Him: You really sound funny the way you sound love ❤️

Me: No you think I'm daft. I don't swear but I know one thing. I'm calling ******** on a scam

I log off. Overnight they've been at work. Two extremely good PhotoShopped images of the innocent man on an oil rig are sent. If you are a woman in love you would believe they are real. They're attached. A word on each below;

Image 1: He is clearly on an oil rig. Not the helipad as asked. It is as good as they get. Look at the Hard Hat on him. It should be rounded like all are. Zoom in and there are small angles, known as jaggies, that shows it is a cut and paste. There are other signs too. Look around the mans jawbone and cheek. There is a very slight shadow and you can clearly see where the layers are merged.

Image 2: This one is even better. Again, a woman in love would believe it 100%. One glaring mistake. Do not look at the man. Look around him. They say "this is me outside my cabin." The walls and roof are all wooden. Wood is not used on an oil rig for living cabins. The hand with two fingers is fake too.

So both images are some of the best PhotoShop ones I've seen. There are more flaws and I will not mention them here as scammers sometimes read this site.

Your other flag in this scam is Shell Oil and United Nations workers. They claimed Shell Oil employ UN Staff and pay money to the UN to fund it's operations. This is simply not true. The United Nations is funded my tax dollars from its member States. No oil company pays a dollar to fund what they do nor employ any UN staff.

As for the virus. As you saw it should be not it was a George Benson and Roberta Flack song. It had 1,656 malicious components that take over your hard drive, browsers and your entire device. An antivirus tech company now knows about it. If you clicked the link, the page would load slow, deliver the attack in 40 seconds, then redirect you to the real page and YouTube song. That is how good it was.

Emails to avoid:



And avoid this site

As they all do he denies everything. I do not block. Two days later he is throwing the love at me as though nothing has happened.

I do have a lengthy exchange where I call him out. If you would like to see please comment and I will post it with more pictures.

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