Justin Williams and Keisha Grey

by Biggles777

Stolen Image of Innocent Man Used by Nigerian Scammers

Stolen Image of Innocent Man Used by Nigerian Scammers


Didn't get to the scam but they are Nigerian. Both on Words With Friends one as justinthegreybeard and the other as Grey K. They're the same person and you speak to Justin and the following is how your conversation starts on Hangouts;

Him: Hi

Me: Hello

Him: Alaye His second word to you is Nigerian

We start again the next day and pictures are exchanged he says he lives in the UK and is divorced with a dog, no children, 56 years old and a construction site supervisor. He lives by the river Thames but can't name a suburb.

Him: your daughter staying with you?

Me: Yes she lives with me

Him: Alaye?

Me: As I said she lives with me

Him: Alaye?

Me: She is at home for school

Edit: I'm not going to tolerate this rubbish. Another arrogant Nigerian criminal I ignore for days and he declares love along with another picture, then,

Me: Why do you speak Nigerian slang?

10 minutes later this

justinthegreybeard41@gmail.com left the Hangout.
Apr 23, 7:37 PM

He deletes the account Back to the game and an hour later Keisha Grey starts a game and talks fluff to go to Hangouts. I'm not asking much as the profile picture is the same as the one I just mentioned.

On Hangouts Keisha is very careful with his language and tries to tell a story about his life of woe and failed relationships;

Him: One daughter Chloe 19.

Him: Unfortunately my both parents are dead too and I am the only child my parents gave birth to, after that I started calling Chloe and Ayden because that is the name of my Mom

Him: So I normally call my daughter Ayden and she love it very much

Edit he then starts with the scripted questions. Likes/dislikes, food, hobbies but he's looking for love too. On his past women, this is a good one for people to learn from;

Him: I had three (3) deep relationships in my life; The first I had was when I was still a teenager with a girl named Amber, we were both attending the same school she was from Chicago, then we used to see each other everyday helping each other with our assignment, unfortunately our final exam at high school, she told me that her parents will be living the country for Canada and she was going with them also, I felt like wooh!!!,
that means that you are going to live me, she said she does not know what to do, so they left I was really unhappy during that period. The second was with my late wife and was my longest..After her death I stayed a year and 5 months alone were I had a very special lady Named Ana; she was from Canada, I thought I was gonna get married to her. We stayed 3 months together and I later found that she lied about her relationship life and has cheating on me, so I had to brake up with her and it hurts so much and so bad but I guess she doesn't deserve me or perhaps we are not made to be! Since then, I have been single and then I pray to God to give me my soul mate .

If you read that it's all lies

He's so focused on love he ignores any talk about what he does for a living. All he says is he has been an engineer for 20 years. Just that but he sure wants to know about what you do and also doesn't answer where he lives. The texts do become quite long from him as you saw above.

On he goes with the love and I want no part

Him: You are my Knight in shining boxer shorts

Him: You know I really want you to come over, but you’re so hot my air condition bill would skyrocket the second you stepped foot in the door!

How wonderfully romantic of him. Edit out a week or so of his long texts and my short or no answers atall

Him: You don't really come online here or check on me that is unfair

Me: Why is it unfair? It’s just an app

Him: Yes it is but also my only avenue to reach you

Me: Well it’s just an app

Him: Come on

Him: If you don't want to talk here It's okay then stop acting tough

Me: I’m not acting tough. It’s simple you live on this app and I don’t

Him: Oh is that what you think I am

Him: I find that very insulting

Me: It’s the reality think what you want but you won’t find what you want with me

Him: Okay no problem

Him: Thanks for spelling it out

I left and he still messages from time to time. Second email is;


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Jul 24, 2020
Clifford Chavez
by: Biggles777


I'm sorry you've been scammed by Clifford Chavez. If I can assist I will but you will need to do a fair bit yourself.

If you can post the images he gave you on this site that is a start. You can also pay socialcatfish $30 and they will find the real man so you can confront him.

Look at my other posts on Nigerians, in particular, the most recent Faces of Nigerian Scammers. I responded to someone else on how to find out who they really are. I've no response from them as of yet.

Any assistance I offer will only be done on this site so everyone can learn. I do not ever offer to recover lost money as that is near impossible.

All the best.

Jul 24, 2020
Justin williams
by: Anonymous

Biggles777 please help me find the man behind Clifford Chavez. He says he is from Texas but I need to know who is behind this Clifford.

Please help me as he stole enough money from me and I want to find him as that loser played with my feelings

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