Jude George United Nations Ship Spain

by Biggles777

Stolen Image of Innocent Man Used by Nigerian Scammers

Stolen Image of Innocent Man Used by Nigerian Scammers


Jude George is on Scrabble GO. You are not going to be told much about who he actually is. Like them all he wants to get you off the game immediately, declare love and take your money.

He says he is an American national. A marine engineer in Spain who is a single father of Kingsley his only son. He has been single for 3 years since his wife died in a "Ghostly" car accident. Whoever it is they are not wasting time in their quest for money. A little on what he says below;

Him: By Friday we are resuming work here on the ship

Him: I work here as a marine engineer currently here in Spain high sea

Me: Okay you did say that on the game. Will you spend a long time out on the ship?

Him: By June I will finish my contract here


Him: Yes I'm from the United States New York Manhattan

Me: Great. Is that where your son is?

Him: Is in the United states with uncle Bradley

Edit: See the red flags? I'm not talking with an American. That was when we met on Hangouts, with the script, love as fast as possible and they go for it as soon as they can.

Him: I want you to know I was born and raised up in a Christian home

Him: I can be faithful loyal and honest with you

Me: edit

Him: I have been looking for so long ever since I lost my wife I haven't fall in love again

Him: I want you to know I am attracted to you (any man would say that to the click bait I'm using)

Me: edit

Him: I love you so much I have been thinking alot about you ever since I came across your profile

Me: edit

Him: Please accept me dear I really love you so much from the bottom of my heart

Me: edit

Him: Please accept me

Him: I love you so much

Me: edit

Him: Please I really love you I want us to be something even more than friendship

Edit: You get the idea. They throw the love less than 48 hours after meeting You can tell my alias rebuffed it. They go on saying my alias should do it so his "son" can have a mother again. The psychological games they play can draw one in so easily.

Well, my alias refused love. They took a step back but kept in touch and decided to just ask for money. The title should be your giveaway. A United Nations ship off the coast of Spain, it is not real. He said he is due to be back on the "ship" Friday, that day came for my alias and they just asked for money.

Him: Honey can I ask you something please

Me: What would that be?

Him: I know this might look so Unkward but I am telling you the truth

Me: ?

Him: honey, for the past two months now the government have been snubbing us when we ask for allowance for our up keep and feeding. Due to to Pandemic ( Covid 19 )I have been taking care of my self here in the camp, and now my account is low, please i need your help financially, i promise to pay back once we receive the money from the government, $300 should be okay for now thanks.

Edit: What does that mean other than let me take your money?

Me: Which government would that be?

Him: I work under the United Nation

Him: Please I am really in need of your help

Him: I promise I will pay back

Edit: He is now with the United Nations and he will pay you back. No, he is stealing your money

Me: Why don't the UN pay?

Him: Its because of issue of the Pandemic

Him: Covid 19

Me: Yes the pandemic is terrible

Him: Yes Dear

Him: Please I really need you to send me 300$

Him: I swear I will pay back I swear if you pay I'll keep asking until you stop

Me: Okay and how would I send it to you in the ocean off Spain?

Him: You will send the money to my lawyer he will receive it

Me: Who would your lawyer be?

Him: My lawyer I mean our family lawyer

Me: And how do I send them the money?

Him: Dear you can send the money through western or Direct to account

Him: Please

Him: I really beg you

Him: Or can you send through Bitcoin?

Me: What is Western or Direct? Why can't I send it to your bank account?

Edit: They want a wire transfer or Bitcoin. You can see red flags one after the other above. The United Nations will never allow this. Also my alias asked about being at sea while he says in a camp, after saying he is at sea. With this I am now showing how "Jude George" can't take a payment in his name;

Him: Yes you can send it to account

Me: Your account, Jude George? Which bank? Most scams can't give the real name

Him: I will send you my lawyer bank account in the United states who I am talking with knows too

Me: edit

Edit: My alias takes a break waiting for an account.

Me: I thought you were sending your bank account. How can I do a transfer if I don't have it?

Him: Yes I was waiting for you to finish

Him: Can you make the transfer now if I send you the account ??

Me: I can do it online

Him: Now?always impatient

Me: Yes, but I don't think you get it today as your day is almost over.

Him: Yes I know honey but I can get it tomorrow morning

Him: Thanks so much honey

Him: I love you I promise I will pay back ASAP

Me: ok

Him: You're truly a Good friend


Edit: Of course this twat loves money and thinks he is getting some. Their confidence is always high at this point, so, they up the sum they want for no real reason.

Me: Ooh you're too kind. Okay send me your account when ready. You need US dollars right?

Him: Yes I need US dollars but I think they will charge me also since this is international transfer

Him: Can you please make it 400$ but is fine if you don't have much

Me: Okay that is fine, US $400 but I need your account

Him: Ok please give me a moment so I can send you the account I am trying to contact my lawyer now to send it

Edit as we banter and as this bank account is for theft and money laundering full account details are being shared here.


Account Name: Andrea Smith
Bank Name: Wells Fargo
Swift code: WFBIUS6SSLC
Routing number: 121000248
Account number: 5477307366
Bank Address: The address is 8295 w 3500 s
Magna, UTAH 84044 USA

Him: Honey can you make the transfer immediately?

This submission has a lot of the exchange between them and my alias. All a very quick scam and there is no UN, Oil, Ship, Camp or anything else. It is all just a scam using the pandemic as an excuse.

Email in use: judegeorge645@gmail.com

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Feb 19, 2021
by: Anonymous

This is David B. QVC Shopping Channel host. His pic surely stolen. USA.

Jan 08, 2021
Pictures of Qvc host
by: Anonymous

These pictures are actually of a QVC tv show host named David that they used.

Jan 08, 2021
David Venable of QVC
by: Anonymous

The picture they used is of David Venable who is one of the biggest and sweetest hosts on QVC. He is also an author of cook books. Probably 250 million Or more people in the USA know who he is, so I am very surprised they used his picture to victimized this man as too many know and love David.

Remember there are two victims in these scams and I’m sorry you got hurt, it has happened to thousands of women and even men.

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