Jourge Williams US Army Captain UN/NATO Afghanistan

by Biggles777

Stolen Image of Innocent Man Used by Nigerian Scammers

Stolen Image of Innocent Man Used by Nigerian Scammers


If you meet someone online called Robert Charles and agree to talk off the platform you meet on, you'd expect their name to be the same. Robert Charles is as fake as the name he changes to, Jourge Williams.

He provides this Hangouts address:

If you ever experience this online just walk away

You meet on Hangouts and pleasantries are exchanged. He wants instant love but my alias rebuffs, we're both phishing each other.

Me: So you are in the US Army?

Him: Yes my dear

Me: Wow!

Him: I have been in the Military service for 19 good years now

Me: That is a long time.

Me: So you must have a good rank, right?

Him: And my retirement is going to be next by this time

Him: Yes my dear

Him: Command Sergeant Major/CSM (E-9)

Him: That's my rank

Me: Okay, well done.

Edit and snip as photos are exchanged. He says he is 52 years old and goes on "patrol". We continue for a day or so. Him going on "patrol" becomes common. He repeats his rank and says he is a commanding officer. Having been there for 3 years he confirms he has vacations;

Him: I do come home if I apply for vacation like 2 or 3 weeks

Him: Well my family are in Frankfurt Germany but ever since I lost my parents we're not in good terms


Him: By time you will know all about me (Stop asking questions. I don't have a story)


Him: I'll have to tell you more about myself I can't say it all but i will summarise it, well my dad is from Frankfurt Germany and my mother is from Rochester NY. My dad met my mom in the State when he go on vacation to visit his friend in Rochester they both travel back to Germany and start up they life and later give birth to me and I'm the only child of my parents living good with them till I finally lost both of them when I was 10 years old, my uncle have to take me as his own child and raise me like his own but because of greediness my cousins turn to be my enemies because of the love their parents had for me. When I turn 17 I have to decide for myself what to do that I'll be proud of, by then I have lost my uncle due to heart attack and his wife also my uncle is the reason for me to be who I am today and I'm very proud of him, so I was left alone in the this world till I have to make a decision for myself then I move to Miami when I was 18 and I completed my Academic in Rochester when I met my Ex wife live together happily till I lost her on a car accident on her way back from work, left alone with my son in this lonely world.

Him: My cousin's are in Frankfurt Germany and the UK,but we're not in good term because he love my uncle showed me they turn against me


Him: And I
have a son

Him: His Schooling in Ontario Canada in a Military school, his dream is to be like his father

Him: His 16 years old

Him: Hie name is Mike

Snip: They phish on my alias background, work, home ownership, cars and income

Him: I have a Mercedes Benz and Bentley )Oh wonderful, Immler all over again!)

Snip to scam after a few days of chit chat but he is throwing the love at my alias. He also claims he is not feeling well, see's a doctor and is spending money on prescriptions. Additionally, he throws a curveball. Saying he has been to Coober Pedy several times, I think I'm being lined up for an opal mining scam. He also says his late wife was Australian and he has a dog called Jack.

My alias becomes his queen, "she" has no love to offer, he's just decided that's how it is.

Him: Okay, all is not well my dear

Me: Oh no what is wrong friend?

Him: I'm just putting myself together to make sure I go on patrol everyday

Him: My dear what I have for you is beyond my imagination You're going to rob me

Me: Edit, on he goes seeking love, there is none on offer. Snip

Him: Sorry to ask, can you help me with something?

Me: What would that be?

Him: I'll be leaving for camp in the morning and my son's wish to speak with me in the evening and when we go on mission we leave our cell phone behind and their connection will be shot off till we're back

Me: Okay

Him: So I would like if you help me get $100 card at the store so that I cab get in touch with my Son

Me: Oh, can't you get one online from

Him: Well my dear I haven't tell you about that

Me: What do you mean by that?

Him: I can't buy/oder anything here in Afghanistan due to Security reasons, my salary and allowance is paid to my Bank account by the UN and the issue is that we don't have any access to it till we're back to the State before we can access it

Me: I didn't know that

Him: My Bank details and documents are intact but I don't have any access to it till I'm in the US

Me: Wow!

Him: So it hard here to get Card or Oder from online

Me: I thought being with the UN/NATO would make it easy

Him: I do have a friend that run's that for me, we agreed that he will be getting Cards when ever I'm in need of that but I have tried to reach him for the past two weeks now but his number or none of his social networks is working

Him: That why I have to ask you

Him: I'm very worried about him because he helps me out while I'm here so that when I got home I'll have to pay him back

Edit and snip. It is all lies. No one in the US Army is ever going to ask you for gift cards or tell you a story like he has

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Mar 06, 2022
Martin Mike Howard
by: Anonymous

He said he was in Africa on deployment. Used this poor man identity. He is using a CT phone number. He tried to get money from me, but I am smart.

I want to report this ass. He send me flowers and chocolates for V Day.


Oct 29, 2021
by: Anonymous

I talked to him from that number today 10/29/2021 (431) 813-7502. He is also claiming that his name is William and he has a son named Owen that is in military school in Norway. His wife died of (womb cancer) two years age. His parents are both in heaven. He also said that he was from Boston, and Atlanta. He is stationed in Yemen on a peacekeeping mission.

He asked for a Google Play card for updates on his computer and phone. He is on TiKTok under Williamjacks441. He will tell you that he is wanting to be with you as soon as possible.

When I asked for a picture of him giving himself bunny ears he asked if I was kidding, I was not.

Please don't get scammed by these heartless people.

Oct 02, 2021
by: Anonymous

Omg I have been talking to this guy for 2 months now and he goes by Lewis Robinson and his Gmail account is

He said he's a US Army green beret special forces commando ops stationed in Yemen and he is a lieutenant colonel 05 rank

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