John Walter Turkey Road Engineer Construction Scam

by Biggles777

Stolen Image of Innocent Family Used by Nigerian Scammers

Stolen Image of Innocent Family Used by Nigerian Scammers


John Walker is also John Walther and John Paulason. It is a Nigerian romance scam but there are differences. You meet on WWF2 and they are not in a hurry. Unlike others you play several games and start talking after the second. He is in Las Vegas living with his 85 year old mother and 24 year old daughter. They speak of life there, weekend BBQ's, the US Election and the COVID-19 pandemic. If I didn't know better, it is someone who may have lived there.

They are in no rush to get you off the game. All the others want that and refuse to discuss where they live. Not these people. It is a well planned scam by organised criminals.

He does say he is a road construction engineer and out of work when you meet. Olivia has left her job due to his mothers health and moved from Florida to be with him and his mother. After a month you move to Hangouts.

On Hangouts they are running multiple accounts and the names are different. John Paulason is only used in the game. John Walter and John Walther are for Hangouts, Olivia also enters with her own email, they are;

See the red flags with the reversed and different names?

He has a lot of pictures and the real man can be found. He receives a road contract immediately in Nevada and over a few weeks it is completed with no problems.

Then something changes. You are now speaking with more than one person on Hangouts. After the high quality English on the game the spelling and grammar slip. They're on iPhone and use emoji extensively.

Also different, they do not hide their account details or online status. They show when online, their addresses and how long since last active. Nor do they spend all day on the app. They can go two days and not use it.

They ask you to change which account they use and it seems that as they are talking to other
women, each victim is isolated to their own account to avoid errors.

You talk on Hangouts but they are taking time.Over months a relationship is formed and after around 2.5 months they start to "love" you. They also introduce the scam. He wins a road construction contract in Turkey, flies to Istanbul and commences work on the contract. Olivia is introduced with her email. My alias becomes her "mom" and finally you are in love.

The way they use their many images is very well done. If you didn't know what to look for it'd be easy to believe he has flown from Vegas to Istanbul and is working on a project. At no point do they appear to have any problems. They send pictures of road construction and a video of earthmoving equipment. Though he loves you, they research travel resistrions, when the contract is done he is going home to Olivia and his mother in Las Vegas. They know there is no travel permitted to where my alias lives due to the pandemic.

Dates are given for the project completion. A supervisor is due in Istanbul from Cyprus on December 12 to sign off on what should be a completed project by the 14th and he is to fly out on the 16th.

That is when a machine breaks and he wants Bitcoin to pay a supplier in China. He is out of money having spent his last dollar on the return airfare to Las Vegas.

You are now his wife and Olivia calls you her mum. Your kids are also part of the family.

I will share all the photos my alias was sent. The above is a summation of the whole scam, there will be 5 or 6 pages and on the second I will use a lot of their quotes showing how they make a move for the money.

You'll see the English is someone young, maybe they use auto fill, if it was the person you met on the game I believe they would get away with it.

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Aug 03, 2021
His name is now Adojan Bartalan
by: Anonymous

He got me too though his name is now Adojan Bertalan for the past week 23 Aug 2021. I fell head over heels with his words in only a week and when a girlfriend of mine did a reverse search and found out he was a liar and probably in some 3rd world country making lonely people feel wanted.

I feel emotionally gutted!! Thank god I saw the signs but boy oh boy they are good at writing and finding out who you are and what makes you tick so they can prey further and further on you. just so fortunate it was only one week and not months

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