John Walter Turkey Road Engineer Construction Scam

by Biggles777

Stolen Image of Innocent Family Used by Nigerian Scammers

Stolen Image of Innocent Family Used by Nigerian Scammers


The background on John Walters, John Walther and John Paulason is elsewhere on this site.

This scam goes for months and there is too much for all the details, all images they used are on this site. The following is how they run into trouble with their contract and ask for money. They want bitcoin and similar to Alexander Ramos want my alias to use a BTC ATM. I refuse and ask for a bitwal. Due to the character limit this needs to be edited;

He has used his last money on an airfare back to Las Vegas and the contract. The deadline is December 13 to 14 and a supervisor is flying to Istanbul from Cyprus to sign off on the completed contract but a machine breaks and parts from China are needed.

Him: Yes babe I’m ,,

Him: Working here is becoming more crappy,,we still need more time to work on some road construction and maintenance of gotta we couldn’t be able to fixed last week,I’m trying my possible best to make sure I get the important parts of the job done by this weekend

Him: It’s almost 10am here now ,and I’m having a meeting with my workers here in strategizing on how today’s working is going to be scheduled before heading to the work site ,because we have to do a lot this weekend through Sunday as well so that I could meet up the projects at due date..

Him: I have to re offload the road construction materials from the machine so they could get through the machine properly well ..

Him: And that’s the other parts of the toad construction works that’s needed to be done by this weekend .

Me: Oh wow babe will everything be ok for you?

Him: Babe I’m not good ,,I’m really frustrated about what the engineers came up with yesterday,,we couldn’t work all through the day and work today is still going to hold on until I get my paving machine fixed ,,I couldn’t sleep all through the night in making sure I make some couple contacts on how I could get the machine parts ..😞 ordered from China

Edit: As you can see it is going wrong. He is out of money and now they move for the scam

Him: Babe I’m not just ok ,I’ve been feeling so feverish as I keep on the process of looking for the cash for my paving machine,I’m so so worried

Him: babe

Him: The machine parts dealers there in China said the parts are so cost now that the year is coming to an end,,,they cost $15,600 while I need to pay a sum of $300 making it all a sum total of $15,900,,please babe I have used all my cash to make sure this work came to this extent I’m so broke now ,,I am going to send to you the country dealer account details so you could deposit the cash for me,so that I can get the machine problem solved and start up working before
next week and wen the inspector is here from Cyprus, as I get paid immediately they signed off and commissioned the project I promise to repay back your cash babe ,,just let me know if you have time and want to go deposit the cash and I’m going to send to you the dealers account details in full and complete

Him: just get back with me okay

Edit due to character limit

Me: I know babe and please don’t worry. You mentioned the country dealers account and I’d love to help you but I don’t think you sent it yet

Edit: He hasn't outright asked for money it is more an expectation that you will pay

Him: I just contacted the dealers babe ,and they said they are taking records of their accounts for the week,,but i did told them that my wife which happens to be you will be sending the cash to their account,so they told me that payments can still be made through the Bitcoin machine,it’s still acceptable babe ..I guess you should have an ideal of a Bitcoin machine babe

Me: I know about them babe. I have a lot of Bitcoin and why can’t I use my bitwal? It’s easier than finding a machine

Edit: Don't ever do this. Either a ATM or bitwal

Him: ok babe

Him: I’m going to send to you their wallet address then babe ,,just hold on babe

Him: They just sent to me their wallet address babe ,and here’s it ,


Me: Great thanks babe and just to confirm $15,600 will take care of everything?

Him: It will for the paving machine parts,,,but the engineers that will fixed the parts in,said they will help me fixed it with a small amount of cash of $4,500 ,,I want you to add that to it okay babe

Edit: There you see the scam. They really do write a lot and want payment. I know it is useless as they all deny but I have a go at them

Me: Your ticket home. Why is it for a flight that doesn't exist?true

Me: Babe your ticket was on a flight and airline that don’t exist

Edit: Another fake ticket is sent

Me: I'm in tears

Me: That doesn’t exist either


Him: Babe this was a ticket I did sent to you just to check my trip out and get set by the embassy so it won’t get delayed babe please try and understand that okay remove 15 tearful emoji

Me: The airline doesn’t exist I’m crying my eyes out this is terrible

Edit as they go into damage control

Me: OMG who are they? That Bitwal is on for grand larceny and money laundering. I'm in tears

Edit they are in a panic

Me: I can’t send it to their bitwal or the FBI will know. That’s why they want the machine.

Me: Babe the supplier is ripping you off!!

Edit: Not true about the FBI. But their bitwal is now listed on as a scam account.

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