John Michael Williams, Dr in Aleppo Syria

by Anonymous

John Williams

John Williams

I have been corresponding with a man who claims to be an orthopedic doctor working in Aleppo, Syria with Doctors without Borders. He goes by the name of John Williams. He first commented on one of my Twitter posts, and when I answered him, he asked me to change over to Hangouts.

I knew right away it was a scam, so I continued just to get more info. Within a short time he was in love with me. Wanting to come to the US and marry me. He used beautiful poems and always calls you Sweetheart or honey. He said he had no way to access his bank account, gave me the name and e-mail of his attorney, who in turn said I had to pay $4,850.00 for his paperwork for leave. When I questioned him about his money and told him I had none, he said his attorney could arrange for me to get the money thru a transfer, and they wanted my bank info.

Of course I didn't give them that and told them to wire the money via Western Union. For that they wanted me to send them a copy of the front and back of my ID. He said he was from Ireland and sent a picture of his “home” there. The backyard with a pool and “palm trees”.

I hardly think there are palm trees in Ireland. I checked his Twitter account and he is following around 57 women. So there are more victims to be out there.

I have reported him to Twitter, Google, FBI. Hope they nab these people.

Please be careful ladies!

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