John Fobes

by John Fobes
(Harrisville, PA USA)

Way over priced and the sales people are con artists. The parasite salesmen entered my mother's home without my knowledge and my mother called me after they gave her the BS sales pitch.

I would have been wise if I would have strapped on my side arm and promptly told the scumbags to vacate the property immediately. But I did not do this because I did not want to create a scene in front of my mother. I ended up buying the product for my mother only because I would have felt guilty if I had not bought the grossly over priced product.

These two jerks had the gall to inquire about the vacuum cleaners and shampoo cleaners that we already owned and they only wanted to reduce the price of an insignificant amount. I pretended to look for the old cleaners and told them that the old cleaners could not be found.

I knew that I was being taken the whole time and I really wanted to tell them to leave or I would call the police. I did not do this because I did not want an ugly scene in front of my mother. To top things off these two lice had the gall to gloat about reaching a sales target where they would receive a free vacation for making this sale to me.

Kirby your sales people are leaving you with very black eyes. I now own several German shepherds.

Never come back.

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Jun 06, 2022
If you're jealous about the vacation
by: Anonymous

You could just work for Kirby

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