John Coker Of Chicago/ Nigeria

by Evelyn Moody
(Edgewater, Florida)

John Coker advertises on Millionaire dating sites and sends photos of a young good looking wealthy man about age 48.

Stated he was selling his Offshore drilling rights in Africa. He would be retiring. But said he was very involved with Charity. The name of the Charity was the Obefemi Awolowo Charity.Org which is also affiliated with Family Health Int'l.

I looked them both up and saw they were legitimate. He asked me to act as a "receiver" of funds and then send them to him. I would be the "first tier". I agreed after about a month. He had funds sent to my credit card account. I removed the funds and sent them to him minus the transfer fees.

This continued until I noticed that the funds were being denied. I finally stopped completely.

He insisted that there was something wrong and told me a long drawn out story about how there was fraud going on somewhere within the company and that they were freezing everything and the heads of the organizations were coming in. To make a long story short, I got scammed for almost 10K.

I am on disability and I have to pay my credit card back. I have also lost that credit card.

This SOB knew that I was on disability! Several weeks later, I noticed that he was back on the same Millionaires dating site saying how he has been so hurt in the past. I contacted the site and told them about him.

They removed him and I hope he never gets back on it. He is listed as Newmanx2112 or something similar.

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