Jimmy Habert Independent Marine Engineer Contractor A&A Oil

by Biggles777

Stolen Image of Innocent Man Used by Nigerian Scammers

Stolen Image of Innocent Man Used by Nigerian Scammers


This person has no interest in telling you about himself on WWF2. But it may be "Jimmy Steve" who you can read about at the link below;


Jimmy Habert is on WWF2 as Jimmy H. On the game he says the name is Haber and when you get his email it becomes Habert. The following will tell you what he said about himself;

We meet on Hangouts
Me: (Edit)

Him: Wow nice. I want to buy another house as soon as I retire cos I want to rest and settle down with my woman to love and grow older together

Him: Will see if I can find a picture of my truck (It is attached)


Him: Wow you have a beautiful house

Him: I just want to live and be happy and enjoy life while it last

Him: I love to put smile on people's faces and see that I can affect the lives of those around me positively

Me: Okay

Him: You are welcome

Him: I love red and white cos red signifies love and white signifies peace

Him: What's your favorite color ?

Me: (Edit)

Him: Nice car too. I love the color white

Him: I see you as a very nice lady from the way you sound and I like you a lot

Him: Hope you will be my forever friend?

Me: I'm happy to talk here

Him: I'm a kind hearten man and humble with a good heart and with the values of human life.

Me: Okay

Him: I have a good honest heart and don't like being lied to. I don't need to be buttered up, If you are straight with me from the get-go, I'm more likely to grow to care for you okay!

Him: Sometimes in life you find a special friend someone who changes your life. Someone who convinces you that there really is an unlocked door just waiting for you to open it. (Edit with cut)

Me: I have friends

Me: Okay well nice talking and enjoy your day. I have some things to do before the night is out

Him: I want you to know this is forever friendship, You have a forever friend, and forever has no end.

(Edit) The above has about 15 lines taken out

Him: Alright. Waiting to hear back from you soon

Him: I really enjoy talking with you and looking forward to getting to know each other better

(Edit) As you can see, the first opportunity to cut and paste the foundations for love he goes for it. Like them all he only listens to what he wants to hear from a victim. Next day,

Him: How are you doing?

Me: Good morning from (snip) and how are you doing today?

Him: I'm doing good thanks

Me: That’s good I guess it’s late for you now

Him: It's 9:21pm here

Him: Tell me what do you do with your free time?

Me: I enjoy my interests I told you about yesterday (On the game)

Him: Oh yes

Me: (snip)

Him: Tell me, do you talk with other people on here ?

Me: Yes (edit) This is very important for them my alias said a lot of people

Him: Actually you're the only one I talk to

Him: How long have you been using hangouts?

Me: I’m not really sure years I guess

(Edit) Looks innocuous but they are phishing to cover their scam

Him: So what plans do you have for the day ?

Me: Working (That won't register with him. I'm busy but he wants to push hard)

Him: That's good to know

Him: I will be working on my computer getting paper work done and getting my presentation ready before my interview coming up soon.

Him: I am putting every effort into this cos this contract is worth millions of dollars and I had mortgaged my home and spent basically my whole savings in other to finance the bid for the job.

(Edit) There it is your huge red flag. I've got money but am sinking it all into my contract and can't access it

Me: Okay that’s interesting. Which company are you bidding for the contract with?

Him: Prayers means a lot to me right now.

Me: Okay I’m not religious.

Me: Which company are you bidding for your contract with?

Him: It's a company overseas but have an extension here in the States.

Me: Okay and their name?

Him: The company I'm bid for contract from is A&A Oil and Gas


Him: What is your favorite food and drink..? (insert his picture)

Me: I'm home now

Him: Okay, That's me and my son

Him: What did you had for breakfast?

Me: It’s 8:23 pm

Him: I see

Him: What is your favorite food and drink..?

Him: Are you really busy at the moment? See the insecurity?

Me: My friend called me

Him: So what are you preparing for dinner?

Him: Can I have another pics of you?

(Edit) I send a picture

Him: You
must have been the second woman GOD created after eve. Apparently GOD must have lavish abundant time to make such an enchanting, You look so enchanting, highly like goddess.

Him: Are you happy being single or you still want a man to put that smile on your faces?

Me: No, I am very happy being single

Him: I really do want a woman in my life to love me and my Son forever as much as I will forever love her and together is where we should be for all eternity..

Him: Have you ever used an online dating before?

Me: No I don't and we met on a game


Him: Some people come into our lives and quickly go. Some stay for awhile and leave footprints on our hearts. And we are never, ever the same. i need someone who will stay with each other as true friend . someone who will understand each other as true friends

Me: Only time will tell you that

Him: Sure you are that my true friend

Him: real friend is one who walks in when the rest of the world walks out, hope we can be real friend to each other

Him: Friends are the sunshine of life. we all need the sunshine in our life

Me: A friend is a friend

Him: There is nothing worth the wear of winning, but laughter and the love of friends

Him: Have you met a friend on net which you get so much close with and then he comes to your house have a hand shake with you and then have a meal with your family?

Me: No, I haven't

Him: Okay


Him: I guess only faith and time can tell, soon I will retire, so I can come to you after retirement so that we can see each other as best friends, beause i really love to see this special friend of mine that has make my life change'

Him: Want you to know distance does not matters in friends

Him: Are you still there?

Me: Yes

Me: I don't wish to offend you but we've only known each other for a week.

Me: I think you're not happy. Listen to this song and you'll feel better

(Edit) Insert a song by The Script :-)

(Edit) He's not interested but sends a love song in return and goes for the script. I decide to play WWF2

Him: Thanks for the song

Him: Distance is just to see how true feelings and emotion can travel

Him: All we need now is to give each other all our trust, sincerity, understanding, care with so much trust for each other without no reservation as forever friends okay

Him: What do you like to do for fun?

Me: You’ve already asked me about that

Him: I believe our meeting was never our purpose but Gods purpose for us

Him: Tell me, how big is your family ?

Him: I mean how many brothers and sisters do you have ?

Him: What are you doing??

(Edit) He is oblivious to a time zone. I called it a day. Next morning on the game.

Him: Why are you not replying to me on Hangouts?

(Edit) I did mention Hangouts insecurity and that exact question was sent 4 times

Me: I'm not on it. (snip)

Him: Come online on Hangout let chat okay

(Edit) He sends long winded fluff on the game. He is out of his comfort zone not being on Hangouts

Him: I think you are chatting with on men on Hangout?

Him: I think you are chatting with other men on Hangouts

Me: Think what you want. Of course I talk with other people on it when I use it. It's not your private line to me.

(Edit) Back over to Hangouts and I reply to the above.

Me: Good morning. I saw your text on the game and replied.

Me: I value communication. Not getting harassed by someone I've known for a week about how or why I use this app

Him: Okay

Him: I understand

Him: Forgive me

Him: I had to write you as soon as I could to express just how much I enjoyed chatting with you. (Edit out 22 more lines of text)

Him: ??

Me: So that's you? Text after text

Me: Do you understand what time zones are?

Him: Yeah

Him: Dear, whenever I think of you, my heart skips a beat, and my senses in anticipation of seeing you online again. You have become the Ambrosia of my heart, You are my precious butterfly, and I will cherish you and love you forever.

Me: It's all lies!!

Me: No one falls in love in a few days on IM

The above has about 30 lines edited out due to character limit

Does it look like my alias is in love? No! This is good for people to learn about their script and how they're so unable to deviate from it. Red flags are everywhere.

Active email:


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Dec 16, 2020
Another widower
by: Anonymous

I hear so much if the same things it is so sad to think people should do these things to a person.
I also found sometimes it's hard to completely stay away from them even when you say no so many times but still want to talk to them thinking you could change them when all it is is heart break after heart break. I had to block him.

Dec 01, 2020
Jimmy Habert by Biggles777
by: Anonymous

Hello Biggles777

Thankyou for educating us all on these criminals. Anyone would think WWF, Scrabble Go and many others were dating sites not word games!

They are everywhere! And don't take no as an answer. I no longer block one and there is another, or the same one using a different name. As soon as one says Hi my response is
Hi, Do you work in the petroleum field?
A lot will delete themselves. Others say no but a few more conversations and they do so i block.

its sad we cant play a simple word game!

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