Jim Williams (Tinder)

by Annie oakley

Jim Williams. (Tinder)

Jim Williams. (Tinder)

Oil Rig script, playing on Tinder and moving his conversation to facebook messenger. Another of the bottom feeders who is very quick to profess his love and all the empty promises of life, love and happiness. This one was immediately blocked and deleted.

What I know is right now the feds are cracking down on funds sent into Nigeria via Western Union and MoneyGram. Same with the purchase of ITunes cards. The only way it stops is when you dont play into there script (game).

Don't send money or ITunes and don't allow yourself to be hurt by the scammer....its all it is... a scam. They do not love or feel anything for you. All you are is magahas..gullible white woman.

I have recently had one come clean and his Tinder name Randall Jackson..said he is 50, white single person looking for love...on a contract, and a construction engineer.

He is actually a 30 yr old Nigerian and a lone wolf named Samuel.

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