Jerry Robert Gulf of Mexico Oil Rig Contractor Scam on WWF

by Biggles777

Stolen Image of Innocent Man Used by African Scammers

Stolen Image of Innocent Man Used by African Scammers


Met one Jerry Robert on Words With Friends username JerryR. He moves you to Hangouts and has no interest in telling you much about who he is. He wants to hit you with love as soon as he can. Says he is a independent driller and a chief executive officer with the Trans ocean offshore Deep water drilling company, on an oil rig working 400 nautical miles in the high sea in the Gulf of Mexico. He doesn't say much about himself. Has a daughter Kimberly Robert who also has a Hangouts account and is only online when he is.

On the game he asks about you and changes his background to match yours. He says he has a son 15 turning 16 in boarding school and 4 messages later changes it to a daughter. Says he has been a widower for 5 years having lost his wife to "beast" cancer. Has spent 3 years on the oil rig, it is his last 3 month contract. He is a God fearing man. No matter what he says it changes as it is all lies. He never says where he is from or how old he is. Kimberly is in boarding school in Cleveland Ohio

Says Transocean owe him 9 million payment for the expiration of his contract.

He turns on the love as soon as he can. According to him you're his partner and in a relationship on the first day and he doesn't give up on it.

Him: Wow that's good to know my dear you such a queen angel to me

Him: What I see in you is the angeo sent from above to me my dear

Him: My feelings for you is for real my dear I want to b closed and plans the future with you my dear!

Me: Really? This is the first time we've really spoken and you can tell all that?

Him: Yes my dear the first day I set my eyes on you I know you are the right woman for me my dear

Me: I hope you don't expect me to feel that way

Him: I understand my dear with time I know you will feel the way I feel for you my dear

Him: Our relationship will be the best and will always be the best my dear

Him: I promise to be yours only my dear and you!?

Me: You on an oil rig and me here? You're already saying we're in a relationship. Really?

Him: My dear do you believe in online dating my dear

Me: Well we met on a game not a dating app or site

Him: When last do you go for a date with a guy my dear

Me: None of your business

Him: What have been your great time ever my dear

Me: Again, I do not know you. Why are you in such a rush?

Him: My dear am not in a rush ok just want to tell you how I feel ok

Me: Well, how can you feel that way on our first discussion?

Next he is a religious man and as you will see simply daft.

Him: Oh ok my dear that's good to know my dear you are one of a kind so my dear !!!what do you practice?

Me: I don't

Him: Wow ok my dear who do you believe created this word my dear ?

Me: I just reckon the
big bag theory

Him: Meaning my dear, ? Dont get you ok!!!

Me: You don't know the big bang theory?

Him: Yes i know my dear
It a movie right?

Me: No a scientific theory

Him: Ok my thought it were a movie the big bang theory lolz!!!!!!!

Him: So my dear what are you plans for the day?

Our first talk and it is all religious love fluff full of emojis soon he asks what you do and wants to start a business in your country;

Him: How do I send the funds to you so you can start up the investment

Me: As I said,I don't take funds from individuals

Him: Oh ok but I would like to start up a good business in Australia that's the more reason I want to invest on this my dear ok

Me: What business would that be?

Him: Ok but think I would like to open an electronic bussiiness

Him: What do you think my dear

Me: Doing what?

Him: Nothing my dear

Me: So you want to invest in a company that does nothing?

Him: Yes my dear

Invest in a company that does nothing? Oh come on!

All his talk is full of love fluff emojis and he just spends a month hitting you as hard as he can with it along with the account of his daughter who calls you mom first message. Like all he has the arrogance of a man who knows he'll get away with his scam. No one cares where he is and he knows that. Look at his English it is atrocious. The the usual test when they have a "kid" that is them as well. A gift card.

Her: Mom can i ask you for a favour?

Me: Hmm what would that be Kim?

Her: Mom can you help me out wth just $100 itunes gift card mom

Her: So i can get some stuffs for my iphone store mom!!!

Me: Ooh what do you want Kim?

Her: Can you get me an $100 amazon gift card mom
I need to get some novels to read mom..

Me: I don't know I'll have to see if they have them. All the stores that sell them are closed

Her: OK mom when you you get me one?
Her: When will you get it for me mom?

Me: Not today as we shopped yesterday not sure when we go again due to the lock down

Her: Oh mom when are you going back for shopping?

Her: Hello mom

Me: As I said we did yesterday Kim

Her: Ok mom when are you going back for shopping again?

Me: I'm not sure Kim

Her: Ok mom when ever you go for shopping please help me out please

Me: Okay Kim

Her: Thanks mom

Her: Hello mom

Me: Hello Kim!

Her: Hello mom how are you doing

Her: Mom have you get the $100 amazon gift card for me mom??

Me: Well I would Kim but your picture says you're Spanish and dead! WTF?

Her: Dont understand mom

Me: Well lassie Google your picture. You're dead! In Spain! Six feet under

Her: Not me ok

Me: Dr Google says otherwise

Her: Yes dont understand am not dead ok

Me: Well your picture says you are

With that we are done. He and "her" stay online as though nothing has happened and move onto other women.

Emails to avoid are;

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