Jemies Barry Oil Rig Engineer Scam

by Biggles777

Stolen Image of Innocent Man Used by Nigerian Scammers

Stolen Image of Innocent Man Used by Nigerian Scammers


James Barry is on Words With Friends as James B. He approaches you as they all do and you move to Hangouts. He then becomes Jemies Barry. You start with the usual scripted questions of a Nigerian oil rig scam.

He says he is from Miami aged 52 soon to be 53. He has a 15 year old daughter named Tracy. He is not in Miam but Norway and gives this address. Forusbeen 50, 4035 Stavanger Norway. It is an equinol office building. He says she is on an oil rig as an independent contractor engineer. He says he works for the United Nations and they "have to send us to different country like this".His contract will soon end and "I will be soon home for us okay"

Photos are exchanged. He sends images that are of a different man than in his profile on the game. As for what he does for a living it's a complete lie. The UN sending people to work on oil rigs? I've heard this before. I decide I'm going to do nothing but waste his time.

From April 5 to the late May his romance scam is being played on me. We're getting married and he's on his way. I know I'm talking with someone young so I'll go straight to the money and I turn it into a farce.

Him: It's fine here babe

Him: Just that I need to get some electric jackets for some of my workers here babe

Him: I just have to find a way to get it for them

Me: Okay babe what sort of jackets are they?

Him: electric bullet proof jacket, I need to get it for 31 workers here so this contract to be over as soon as possible babe, and I don't know how to get it right now babe Oh come on!

Him: Babe can you help me get them?

Me: Why do you need bullet proof jackets?

Him: Because of the of the fire when, because sometimes the oil get explode, so need everyone here to be safe that's why I need it for them babe

Him: Babe are you here with me? I am but I'm trying not to laugh so much, bullet proof vests on an oil rig? Seriously?

Me: Hmm okay what do you want me to do babe?

Him: Can you get them for me, don't worry I will pay you back the money okay

Me: Well you must have an idea babe as you’re there and I’m not

Him: Yes babe, you know am in different country right now, and I don't have access to my account, There it is, no bank account access

Me: Which country are you in babe?

Him: Scotland Norway babe Yes he just said Scotland is in Norway Wonderful!

Me: I’m not getting them you need them babe

Him: Yes I need them babe

Me: How much do you need babe?

Him: It's just $7800 dallars babe

Me: Okay babe send me your bank account number please

Edit out some fluff, he's finding an account, this show's others are involved.

Me: Well I need your bank account number

Him: Babe I will be unable to get it here because I don't have access to my account here that's why I need you so send it to them okay No access, "them" his way of saying agent

BSB 306***




Him: So babe when you are done just send me the payment slip so they can give me the jackets okay

Edit out fluff and "receipt" time for this kid

Me: I’m not sure there’s something fishy about bullet proof jackets on an oil rig

Him: Babe the jackets is what the workers put on when working babe

Me: Bullet proof?

Him: I need everyone to be safe and go back home alive to see they family

Me: Why doesn’t the oil rig owner pay?

Him: Babe, Some bad man don't want some of us to work in this oil rig babe

Me: Which oil rig?

Him: It's a contract they give it to me so I have to work on it after working they will pay me everything I work for

Me: Name the oil rig?

I'm character limited. You can see where this is going and it is comical. I'm editing days of texts

Him: Johan Sverdrup field (A Norwegian oil reserve near Stavanger) But he said Scotland Norway

Me: That’s an oil reserve not an oil rig

Him: They called me that they discovered oil in the forest in Norway so I have to go they so I can see for my self,

Me: Which is it? An oil rig or Forest ? This is very fishy

Him: Sometimes the man in the state take guys to the camp where we live

Me: Which is it? Forest or oil rig? Do you know where you are?

Him: They called the name of the Forrest to me the very first day I came to this state, some of my workers are very worried and scared that they will lost their life

Me: Do you know where you are? A Forest in Scotland?

Him: Wild woods babe, you have to understand what am facing here babe, no one in know what's on going in this Forrest over 8months now babe

Me: Where’s the Forest? Scotland?

Him: Wild woods forrest babe

Me: Where is your wild woods Forest?

Him: Yes babe, they said it's Wildwood Forrest babe

Me: Where? This is fishier than the fish market

Him: No babe

Me: You don’t know where you are

Him: Babe stop that

Him: I know where I am

Me: Well tell me

Him: I just told you that they called me to come over to Scotland
to see if what they find in the forest is true

Me: So how is Norway?

Him: Norway is fine He's in a flap and I'm trying not to laugh

Me: You got Google babe?

Him: Yes

Me: Great Google Scotland and then Norway babe. You just said you are in both. That’s kinda hard with the North Sea in between them

Him: I work in Norway for so many years, that's where they called me from to come over babe

Me: You just said you were in both countries at the same time that’s kinda hard babe

Him: No babe, I was in Norway working when they called me to come over to Scotland for this contract

Me: A Forest in Scotland? I don’t think so babe. Maybe if you said peat I’d understand but there ain’t no Forest in Scotland

Him: They is babe He's flapping now

Me: Are you having a flap?

Him: Babe can I ask you a question?

Me: I’m asking babe and I think you are very confused. Geographically challenged! Go on flap man!

Him: No babe, so many things have happened here the workers want to live and the people here want us died too

Him: Calm down babe

Me: You started on an oil rig and ended up in a Forest can you see the trees from the woods babe?

Him: You just have to listen to me

Edit this becomes more farcical but you can see what I'm doing

Him: You just have to trust me please

Me: Name the oil company. I’m not trusting fluff babe

Him: Wildwood forest babe.

Him: The people who take me to this place don't want me to tell anyone about what's going on

Me: Since when is oil in Scotland a secret? Name the oil company

Another edit after somany texts where he can't name an oil company. I'm twisting and turning it

Him: But all I need is my money from them after all this mess babe

Me: So you can avoid bullets? You are not answering my questions babe, why not? I think you don't love me. I'm in tears! I'm doomed to be a widow for life!

Him: Yes so I can avoid bullets from the people in the state here

Me: Who is shooting at you babe? Men in kilts with shotguns? It' not pheasant season yet

Him: I need the jackets to avoid bullets yes babe

Me: So who is shooting? Men in kilts babe?

Him: the man who doesn't want us to work in the forest, they clean the oil is for them not for the government men babe

Me: Do they have shotguns babe? I used shotguns pheasant shooting in Scotland. They are weirdo's and like them a lot

Him: I have lost 4 of my workers here and I don't want to lose anyone again am really confused here babe How can this be happening?

Me: They must think it's pheasant season babe. Men with shotguns all over the place! OMFG are you safe man?

Him: That's why I need the 31 jackets babe please help us please babe I know and I believe you are the only one to get us out of this mess babe

Me: OMFG! Are they in kilts babe?

Him: Yes babe

Me: OMFG! You're going to get shot by a man in a kilt! I'm gonna be a widow again

Him: I believe I will be safe that's why I need the jackets babe please

Me: Have you had your haggis for lunch babe?

Him: Not yet babe

Me: Babe I’m worried about you

Him: Yes I know babe, but I have to think about the people health first

Me: Why don’t you just get guns as well babe?

Him: Babe I don't have the money here to buy the guns babe,

Me: They’re shooting your men like it’s gaming season so shoot them back!!

Him: Yes they have shotguns babe

Me: What about guns babe I mean they’ve got shotguns

Him: Don't worry babe when you get me the jackets all will be fine again

Me: I mean they’re Scottish and put up a good fight

Him: Babe text me when you're free working babe

Me: Did you have whiskey with your haggis babe?

Okay you should have a good idea as to what I've done. On we go with me taking the mickey out of him. For days this took place and I'm throwing egg after egg.

Me: Are you in Sherwood Forest babe?

Him: Babe like I said to you before now, they said it's Wildwood forest babe,

Me: Have you called the sheriff of Nottingham babe? He gets rid of the men who shoot your workers
Him: Babe my men are getting hurt every day

Me: Call the sheriffs of Nottingham babe until you get your vests. They got rid of Robin Hood!

Yes this is my "receipt" for an oil rig scam. I'll end it now.

Me: Excuse after excuse and lie after lie. Why can’t you be honest

Him: I'm honest babe

Me: You are a pathological liar and you ain’t in Scotland and never been in Norway

Him: I told you babe I'm honest

Me: No all you do is lie and deny your so full of ******** it runs down your chin

Him: So that babe

Me: I’ve got the moral high ground and you are a lying cheating Nigerian criminal

Him: You just have to calm down please

Me: You go find someone else to bull****

Me: Oil workers getting shot by men in kilts. Do you know how ridiculous that is?

On we go for day after day. As you can see I'm going for capitulation.

Me: I value truth stop the lies

Him: Life in Nigeria is very difficult for me. My name is Essi kesiena Jeffrey

A Nigerian footballer. I go along with it

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