Jefferey Schubert and A Simmons (Dean from UK) stolen photos

by annie

actual scammer (Jeffrey S.)

actual scammer (Jeffrey S.)

From what I understand there is already a scammer identified with the photo of Jeffrey Schubert. I am unsure what other false names have been used for the photos. The collage of Jeffrey and A Simmons appear to be very similar and the post on another site matching the J Schubert photo to the scammer I am posting.

Could this be the same guy behind the younger A Simmons Tinder Photo?

Most I have shown this agree it is the same person. Then would the same scammer be behind both versions of (Deans) Photos. I have image searched the A simmons photo and nothing comes up but the other photo hits on the fact that Dean from the UK is aware his photos were stolen. This one really perplexes me.

I have seen the profile for Austin Simmons and/or Austin Richards on Tinder on several occasions while I have been baiting scammers. I still maintain contact with the would be Austin Simmons until I can have enough ammo to take him down to his knees.

He is the most determined and persistent I have ever dealt with and I have been in this exchange for 14 months. I want to bring it to a close but would like to have more definitive data to prove him wrong about his identity.

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Oct 11, 2017
Just give it up
by: Anonymous

Get out while you can!

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