James Williams Chevron Oil Gulf of Alabama

by Biggles777

Stolen Image of Innocent Man Used by Nigerian Scammers

Stolen Image of Innocent Man Used by Nigerian Scammers


James Williams is on Scrabble GO and like all on that game he just wants to get you to Hangouts. He doesn't have a story. He can't or will not say who he is. He does talk of his ex wife who cheated and cost him money.

He also uses an image in his Hangouts profile of an innocent man the scammers like to use images of. My alias refused to answer many of his questions. Search the images if you need.

This is some of our exchange;

Me: Let's chat on Hangouts!

Him: Hello pretty

Him: How are you doing

Me: Hi I am fine and you?

Him: Very well dear

Him: Can I see a photo of you if it's okay with you dear

Me: Since when am I dear?

Edit. I ignore and to the next day

Him: Sorry if I offended you by saying that

Edit: I am ignoring due to his picture

Him: So can I know more about you

Me: Maybe you can tell me more about yourself

Him: OK I'm James Williams once married with two kid's but lost my wife some years back

Him: Am honest, kind and lovely I have a bog and a cat I love going to the beach weekend

Him: I'm an engineer drilling Oil and Gas

Me: Where are you now?

Him: Where originally are you from

Him: Am currently in Gulf shores AL For a Contract here

Him: Can you send me a Pic of you okay

Me: Who are you working for over there?

Him: I work for a Company

Me: Which company?

Him: Sorry for the late response okay

Him: I was busy with some paperwork


Him: What's your occupation

Him: Are you there right now

Me: Okay thank you

Him: I just want us to be Honest with Each Other here Okay , And be Open Minded

Me: Hello

Him: So what are you doing at the moment now

Him: Can you send me a PIC of you

Me: Why would I do that?

Him: I just want to see your Beautiful faces

Me: How do I know who you are?

Him: Am Gonna Send a PIC of me too

Him: And we talk more about knowing each other

Me: Well, is that you in your profile picture?

Him: Yeah

Him: I really want to know you more

Me: Okay if that is you

Me: Why do you have so many names?

Him: My Name's are James Williams

Me: Then who is Gary Amos?

Him: Hmmmm

Him: Don't know

Him: Where did u Find That

Me: What about George Morgan?

Him: I don't know those Name's you are Calling

Him: Where did you find that

Him: You there

Me: You have a lot of names

Him: Where did you Discovered those Name's from

Him: hmmmm lot of NAME'S

Me: Yes you do

Him: My Name's are James Williams

Me: Why not Kurt Edison?

Him: And not Gary Amos neither George morgan

Him: What are you talking about

Me: Well those are the names on your picture here. That is a lot

Him: Send me The Pic's

Me: No

Him: So I can see the names written on it

Him: How can I find it

Me: You go find it

Him: Where. How ?

Him: You are Getting me Confused herr

Him: Where did u find those Name's

Him: Why accusing me of using Different name's

Me: I'm stating a fact

Him: What FACTS

Me: The fact YOU have a LOT of names

Him: Where ?

Him: Just make me understand more better

Him: Where and When did you find those Name's

Him: Have we met before

Me: lol

Edit: That should show this is a scam. Denial when confronted with the pictures they're using being easily found on scam sites. We continue the ping pong for a day or so then I agree to swap pictures

Him: But I told you I don't know about those Name's You've been mentioning here

Him: Yes I am who I said I am

Me: Are you the man in that picture?

Him: Yes

Me: No

Him: Send me a PIC of you

Him: NO!!!

Me: Okay I'll send you a picture

Him: Ok

Him: Am waiting before I get back to work

Edit: Insert pictures

Me: Here you are with a different name

Him: What???

Him: How did you get my Photo

Him: What's Metrodate.com

Me: That's the dating site YOU are on with a different name

Him: Omg

Him: That's not me

Me: lol

Edit: Now he doesn't want to talk anymore. Email in use jw701669@gmail.com

What one can take from this is that if you are asked to go to Hangouts you should search the image in the profile of the person who asked you to use that app.

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May 08, 2022
That pic is him. It's so confusing that a man like him wants to scam people
by: Anonymous

According to his info he makes all of the money. So to catfish older women is odd. He wanted me to put t00 on an apple card. Women beware.

Apr 19, 2021
My scam/same guy
by: Rjbyrd

I met him on Facebook, then Hangouts as Joe Martins. Working on a Oil Platform out of Mexico City, Mexico. He told me he was widowed with a daughter, Annabel. Then he said his machine blew up and to finish his contact to come to me, he needed $55,000. I had already reverse image searched him, and knew he was a scammer.

But I played along for a couple of days, and he kept saying he needed the FedEx receipt and tracking number. I wouldn't give it to him, so he stopped communication 😂😂😂.

The real man in the picture is Alex Beckwith Collins. Then today, I got a friend request on Facebook from Herbert Hutton, using another of the same man's image. When they say go to Hangouts, that's your first clue.

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