James Williams aka James Travis Coffey US Army Afghanistan Scam

by Biggles777

Stolen Image of Innocent Man Used by African Scammers

Stolen Image of Innocent Man Used by African Scammers


James Williams is not in the US Army or Afghanistan. This is a Micheal Immler style US Military scam. The images are well used by criminals and the scam is the same.

I'm in Afghanistan, I'm so rich yet YOU have to pay my expenses to be with you

This is operated on WhatsApp along with Hangouts. Yes, the US Army will give you a Gmail account to pay for a serviceman's leave! Of course, as he is so rich, he is buying you a multi million dollar car. So generous of him, just like Immler, but you have to pay for his vaccinations and leave.

WhatsApp number: +1 (904) 412-9196
US Army Email: usmilitaryvacationbenefits@gmail.com

Here you can see organised criminals attempting to scam an Australian woman. But they want US Dollars paid into a U.S. bank. She has to be his "wife" and write to the US Army seeking leave insurance. The following is edited;

Her: Good evening
My name is (Edit)
And I would like to know how much is the insurance for my boyfriend
Lieutenant Travis Coffey to come home on vacation From Camp Vitory, Kabul(Afghanistan)
So we can plan our future together
My address is
My phone number is
If there is anything else you need from me please let me know
Thank you

Edit: See the red flags, a different name, leave and insurance, what she is being asked to pay for they can't even define. Worst, look at the personal data they got. Name, address and number.

Them: Good day Miss (edit)

We got your email regarding your boyfriend, James Travis Coffey for a vacation. It as to go through a certain procedure's and signing of relevant documents and that will cost about $1250 to get the whole procedures started/allowance

Edit: The starting price is $1250.00 and that is just a starting allowance

Her: Please tell me when you will send the documents and why is it costing so much?

Him: There is no reply. She has to follow up. They do reply trying to be "official". She asks for bank details;

Them: USA Army Headquarters

Her: I would like the document and and flight

Edit: All Nigerian hot air. they've no forms, laundering account, tickets or documentation. But they can use a big term like "USA Army Headquarters".

No United States Military service is ever going to ask for any of this.


Now Williams, or is it Coffey, is up to $19,000 in bills with the US Army. But he is going to buy her a 4.8 million dollar car.

They want a wire transfer then a bank account is mentioned. They insist on using Wells Fargo or Chase but they are not available. An Australian bank account is agreed and they finish off with the most telling red flag of all, a "receipt".

Them: Screen shot it and send it too your boyfriend immediately you send the money as prove and screen short it too us too

All they want is money and a receipt to move it as quickly as possible.

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