James Savage

Hi I came across a guy on match.com in the uk. Handsome man. Got talking. On match profile white guy. Got talking very sweet guy. Wife have dead from cancer, kids live and schooled in the state with his mother, good kisser. On the oil rigs in Scotland.

He lived in Essex uk and had an house in Hinckley Leicester. Said he's daughter was on holiday, then coming home for a week then back to the grandmother, then surprise she had a motorbike accident on holiday. Started taking funds. I started quizzing him, ask for him to sent me a pic hold a paper with my name on.

Yesterday I started reading the watchforscams.com. Read about tikala mika. Read about google image search, that is brilliant. I did that today. I found the pic had used and sent it to him. He then sent back oh okay, nice work, and asked how I had found the pic. I didn't tell him. I carried on talking. He then offered to face time me, so I photo shot it.

He still tells me his name is James savage now from Africa

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Aug 18, 2016
About iTunes cards
by: Anonymous

I am also being asked to send iTunes cards to him, why I have no idea. And money of course, they all sooner or later ask for money, he is good for sure.

Be careful ladies, they love playing romantic games on you and on men surprisingly. What a pathetic life. dang.

Aug 12, 2016
He's still doing it
by: Dee

Met him on match.com. We were getting along very well then he told me he had lost his bag on a flight back to the oil rigs and could I send him an iTunes voucher.

Then he told me that last week so after 1st August that his daughter had slipped and hurt her back while on holiday and had to fly back to the states and he needed £200 to send to her for medicines.

I didn't fall for it and he got nothing - but beware as he is till out there.

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