James Prescott Royal Dutch Shell Oil Rig Contract Engineer

by Biggles777

A PhotoShop Image of an Innocent Man on an Oil Rig Used by Nigerian Scammers

A PhotoShop Image of an Innocent Man on an Oil Rig Used by Nigerian Scammers


James P is on the game Words With Friends and starts playing with you. Soon you are chatting and he asks you to go to Hangouts.

He says his name is James Prescott from Los Angeles with a 12 year old son called Michael in a military boarding school in California. Why can't he name it? Divorced for 4 years after he found out his wife was into "taking of hard drugs" He doesn't say how old he is but gives an address of a house in Los Angeles

For work he is working on his retirement contract in the Gulf of Mexico. He says he is a petroleum engineer and only works on a contract basis. Doesn't name an oil company.

Let's assess what he's given us;

A nationality
A hard luck story about his spouse
An only child
The child is in boarding school
A petroleum engineer
Retirement contract
In the Gulf of Mexico on an oil rig
No age
Doesn't name an oil company Yet

9 distinct red flags of an oil rig romance scam. All of them in the first few days of talking on Hangouts. There's a way to deal with this but I need to play along on his scripted terms which I do. I've an idea what he'll want but I have to be patient.

They make an effort and though they're following a script. He sends a picture of Michael with a dog called Rooney. Also a picture of his house and its interior but it is a download from a realtor's website and not the address he gave. He does say he is originally from Poland and says he works for Royal Dutch Shell PLC. He also sends pictures of his cars, a Porsche and Mercedes with a blurry registration. One has his dog Rooney in it. It is a different breed to the one Michael is with. He does phish for a phone number and address. He has a number which is + 324 602 45635

Then he just does it one morning;

Him: Sweetie I’ll love you to help me get the least eBay gift card to help subscribe my phone please.

With a screenshot of his gift card balance of $2.16 along with more fluff he has Mexican cards that don't work on a U.S. registered phone. The key quote they all say;

Him: I really need to update my phone internet and emails so I can talk to my company and son sweetie.

On an oil rig owned by Shell he can't order it online. No. I've seen this before. If you are sent a screenshot of a gift or Steam card balance it confirms you are talking to a Nigerian scammer. He then asks for a Steam card so I play along and start
wasting time. Next, Amazon and then Google cards. I leave him alone and come back. Now he wants iTunes. I go back and change it all so he forgets the card. Love reigns with YouTube links flying. Emoji and GIFs Cards are forgotten and we continue for another week and then he asks again.

Me: Why do you want those?

Him: To subscribe my phone internet sweetie

Me: Ever heard of a plan?

Him: Why the mood swing sweetie?

Him: I thought we've had this conversation before

Me: I think it is all fluff

Him: Ohh

Me: Yes ohh

Him: Are you still getting the cards or not sweetie?

Me: I will if you tell me the truth

With that you can see where I am taking this. Our discussion continues and I question the ownership of his house in Los Angeles. To his credit he sends a California driver's licence with his image and that address. It is attached. Download, zoom in or enlarge and you can see it is altered. We continue and another photoshop image of the man on an oil rig. I'm pushing;

Me: So name the rig

Him: It is owned by different oil companies all together formed the Gulf of Mexico oil rig platform.

I continue pushing on his lies and him tripping up. He says he no longer wants the cards as I've offended him. I hadn't so I decided I would! He was having none of that and continues. I throw bait to keep him interested. Finally it leads this;

Him: What do you want to know sweetie?

Me: Who you really are

Him: Ok ask me anything you which and I’ll tell you the truth, it’s hurts but will ok

Me: Your name and age please?

Him: I am my 30s

Him: My real name is mr Godstime.

Him: Yeah....

Him: From Nigeria

Me: Thank you so much

He says he'll be 32 on June 23 and in Lagos. In come 2 pictures and they're attached. He seems to be dressed well and has a good phone. I don't know what to believe as I'm exposing these criminals. They all have what seems to be a "street" name. I'm talking with 5 who admit they're in Nigeria 1 of which gave the name and pictures of a footballer. Of the others 2 are called Eazy and Golden along with 2 saying their Daniel. Once they tell you who they are there's no change. They love you and can't bear to lose you. All they're doing is working their angle to get money from you.

A little on exposing who they are and in the process another aspect of what to look for in an oil rig romance scam for "phone usage" and what to do if you're sent a gift card balance.

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