James Mason

by Deena

I met James Mason on Dating.com on Oct. 19, 2023. He said his wife died a year ago in a car crash and he has a son, Owen James, who is 15 and in a boarding school in the UK. James said that he's a marine engineer for the United Nations. and that he grew up in England and came to the US when he was 18. He went back to London and got a PhD at Regent University.

He said that he lives in Baltimore, Maryland. He said that he travels all over. He showed me a picture of a mansion that he said he owns in London that he inherited from his mom. He wanted to chat on Google Chat so we talked there a lot. He claimed I was the mom his son was looking for and that he loved me. Owen supposedly sent me some emails per gmail calling me Mom.

James said that he was on a 5-year contract but since he had just been in Berlin that he was getting the month of November off and he was going to come and spend it with me. Several things he said didn't make since, like, I live in Kansas and he said we would take a yacht tour of the cities down the river in Kansas.

That wouldn't happen!

He was going to come and meet me on Nov. 10th but then on Nov. 2nd, he got notice that he was being "deployed" to Dublin by the UN for a month. He sent me a copy of the supposed notice. He said that his job is to map out the bottom of the sea. He said that when he arrived there that he lost his wallet in the taxi and he needed me to get him a card because his credit card was in his wallet.

He talked to me per Google Chat's audio call a few times. He didn't have an English accent as from the UK. He asked me to buy him a card for $500 so he would be able to talk
to me with an internet connection since he had lost his wallet. I told him I couldn't do that.

He also showed me a video chat once before he left, but it was fuzzy and didn't look right. I quit talking to him after he asked me to get the card.

I looked him up on "Social catfish" with their reverse image lookup and his picture is on there over 200 times with different names on different websites. I can give you the names if you need them. There are also pictures there with him and a curly headed kid.

There's also a group of other women claiming to have spoken to him, too. Some pictures of him have the words on them saying. "Fake!! Photos stolen by criminals and abused for scam!!" He was really good at talking to me and most of the time his English was believable. I told him lots of stories, but I couldn't get him to talk about himself.

I figured he was a scammer and was waiting to see if he would actually come and see me since he was claiming to see me within a week and planning to make me his forever and give his son a mom.

Oh, once on Google Chat, he posted a nude picture of a man and a woman on each other with their private parts exposed as if about to have intercourse. I hated that and cried profusely telling him to take it off because I didn't want to see it. He finally did. That's the first time he used the audio chat. I couldn't hear him then but he could hear me. He was trying to console me.

I told him that I choose not to look at porn or nudity even on movies and he just threw that picture in my face. I was very upset by that. He never showed me any more pictures like that again or talked to me in a nasty way. He didn't chat with me anymore after I told him I wasn't going to buy him the card.

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