James Marco Marine Engineer Egypt

by Biggles777

Stolen Image of Innocent Man Used by African Scammers

Stolen Image of Innocent Man Used by African Scammers


James Marco is a marine engineer on Scrabble GO. He isn't going to tell you anything about himself except that he was born in Italy, lives in Dubai with his family and works in Cairo Egypt. His occupation is that of a marine engineer on contract basis.

We moved to Hangouts from the game and my alias was going along with them but it was all a one way street. If you meet someone online they talk. This lot just phish and line a victim up. The following exchange is between my alias and them. It is edited to cover my alias but you can learn from their script and this is a very good example of it;

Him: Hi friend

Me: Hi how are you?

Him: How are you doing?

Me: Hi, I'm fine thanks

Him: Nice

Him: What do you do for a living?

Me: (edit) and you?

Him: Well I'm an marine engineer I work in Cairo Egypt Mediterranean sea

Him: (edit)

Me: Okay

Me: (edit)

Him: Wow

Him: What was the (edit)

Me: (edit)

Him: Oh (edit)

Me: About (edit)

Him: Okay

Edit: That looks silly but they read these pages. But immediately on Hangouts they've asked 7 questions of the victim and got her work and employment history. They continue;

Him: Are you married with kids?

Me: (edit)

Him: You got kids?

Me: (edit)

Him: So you live alone?

Me: Yes

Him: Okay

Him: So tell me what do you do when you are all alone?

Me: A lot of things (edit)

Edit: I made an excuse to leave the discussion. They are persistent when I return

Him: Do your family live in Australia?

Me: (edit)

Him: Wow that's nice

Him: So you are the only one living in Australia?

Me: That's right

Him: That's nice

Him: So tell me where are you from originally?

Me: Okay

Him: So how did you end up in Australia?

Me: (edit)

Him: Okay I see

Him: Where are they located?

Me: (edit)

Him: Wow that's nice

Him: So tell me where are you from originally?

Me: Okay

Me: (edit)

Him: So how did you end up in Australia?

Me: (edit)

Him: Okay I see

Him: (edit)

Edit: We continue and you now see 18 questions and everyone is to get your information Pictures are swapped and he doesn't give his age. He'll take yours and to him age is just a number

Him: So tell do you own your house or you got a rented apartment?

Me: I don't rent

Him: So you got your own house?

Me: Does it matter?

Him: Doesn't just getting to know you more that all

Me: Okay

Him: So you got a car?

Him: Feel free to ask me anything if you want to

Him: Okay?

Me: Okay

Him: You got a car?

Me: Yes

Him: Nice

Him: What brand of car you got?

Me: A Mercedes

Him: Nice what model?

Him: Is it the latest one?

Me: (edit)

Him: Nice

Him: Can I have a picture of it?

Me: I'll have to upload one

Him: Okay

Him: That will be nice

Me: Why are you phishing?

Him: I'm not

Him: I'm just getting to know you more

Me: Not one more question on my finances or assets.

Him: You can ask me questions too if you want to

Him: Okay I'm sorry was bugging you with that

Him: I mean no harm

Him: Hey

Him: Are you there?

Him: Or are you mad at me?

Him: Say something

Edit: I could have answered but they irritated me as to how they just pushed a victim around. Here I get to 25 questions by them and I've not
asked any. I'm leaving them alone and came back today hoping they'll answer a simple question.

Him: Hi sweetie

Him: are you busy now?

Me: I'm waiting for you to answer my question truthfully

Him: What question is that?

Me: This one

Him: I believe that I can answer you any question you will ask me with sincere mind

Me: Why are you phishing?

Him: I'm not dear

Him: If you still wanna ask me questions, ride on baby

Him: I’m just a simple man and I’m always been sincere in anything I do in life

Me: People who phish have an ulterior motive. What's yours?

Him: No dear

Him: I'm not

Him: and you?

Me: Answer the question

Him: Okay I'm all ears

Me: Then answer it

Him: I'm not phishing just trying to get to know you more

Him: That's all

Him: I'm been honest here

Him: Had no bad intentions for you baby

Him: Are you there?

Me: Yes and I'm waiting for you to tell me why you're phishing

Him: Baby I don’t really know how to answer this question

Him: ask me whatever you want to ask me

Him: I’m trying to answer your question,but I think you don’t really understand me too

Me: And still you won't answer

Him: No my friend

Him: I think you are busy now

Him: When can you give me a call?

Me: Once you tell me why you were phishing

Him: Like how do you want me to answer you this question?

Him: I just wanna be more close to you

Me: Fess up to it

Me: You can't even tell me what you do for a living

Him: You mean you want to know my occupation?

Him: I’m a marine engineer

Me: Wow you don't understand English

Me: Where are you working?

Him: I’m a private contractor, I do go to many different countries for working contracts

Me: So you can't answer where you are?

Him: Like I told you before No you haven't

Him: I’m from Italy but I live in Dubai with my family

Me: Why can't you answer a question first time?

Him: I’m presently here in Cairo Egypt for a drilling contract

Me: Which company are you doing that with?

Him: I work for a company in Egypt

Me: You can't name the company

Me: 18 minutes and you can't name the company you work for

Him: The name of the company is oil gas Energy

Me: lol

Me: That is not a company

Him: Why are you talking like this ?

Him: Don’t you know that is very early morning here and I’m feeling sleepy this early morning

Me: Point made. You phish and can't answer a single question

Him: Egyptian General Petroleum Corporation

Him: Why are you punishing me with all this questions? He said I could ask and now I can't

Me: oil gas Energy becomes Egyptian General Petroleum Corporation

Me: You can just say I'm making this up as I go

Him: Oil gas energy is just the abbreviation

Him: You should also try and listen to your fellow human and understand too

Me: How old are you?

Him: Are you all perfect?

Me: How old are you?

Him: No one is perfect my dear

Me: How old are you?

Him: you really made me feel somehow this morning

Me: Three times and you can't say your age.

Him: I never expected this from you at all

Me: You're doing it to yourself. Loser

Him: God bless you

I haven't blocked him but he did say my alias could ask anything. He couldn't say what company he worked for or even his age. Email in use: jamesmarco833@gmail.com

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