Jack Bolin Turkey Hotel Scam Is Really a Young Nigerian

by Biggles777

Stolen Image of Innocent Man Used by Nigerian Scammers

Stolen Image of Innocent Man Used by Nigerian Scammers


Jack Bolin is JackB on Words With Friends. As usual he starts a game and asks for a discussion which then moves to Hangouts. He says he is 52 years old and has 2 sons and a daughter all grown up. He is from the United Kingdom and lost his wife but doesn't say when or how. He claims to have been single ever since.

To quote him he does the following;

Him: I'm into fashion & designer.

Him: Interior designer decorator

Him: Real estate spacialist.

Him: CEO Russ investment group of company

Sounds good. The company does not exist.

Him: I'm currently in Turkey working interior designing in a 3 star hotel

He wastes no time declaring love for you and asking the usual questions. The photos he sends are of an innocent man with a large online footprint. He does like women but younger than him. There are many photos and videos of this man available easily online. We talk but I'm not buying it or waiting for the scam;

Me: That’s because you are not the man in the pictures you have sent me. I’m a fair woman just tell me and you will see

Him: Honey

Him: I really love you and don’t want to loss you

Him: Stop pushing me away

Me: Then stop the lies


Me: So what name do I call you

Him: Daniel

Edit: We talk on and off. He gets sick, he is religious, he loves my alias forever and he wants gift cards

Him: Where in Nigeria have you been too

Me: I'll be back soon.

Him: Thats where i am

I'm done with him and threw him under the bus. He is still active on WWF and email used is;


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Feb 09, 2021
Is Now Billie Muller
by: Biggles777


He is using the same images and claiming to be Billie Muller fromn Odense Denmark now in Delaware working as a petrochemical engineer.

Email in use is billiemuller536@gmail.com

Aug 03, 2020
Daniel kelechi okoye
by: Biggles777


That is what he says his name is Daniel kelechi okoye and his email is as follows;


Jul 23, 2020
Jack Bolin....
by: Anonymous

Good for you to have the Presence of Mind to actually understand that this was a Scammer. Unfortunately "Daniel", was just another lie. However it makes me feel good that you did not fall for his lies.

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