I've been scammed by the Nigerian dating scam!

by Donald Thieberger
(Livingston NJ)

I met Bobbi Mary Billard exactly one year ago. We got very close as we are both HIV+ at least I am..she could be some guy for all I know.

She claims to be an accountant from Ohio caring for 2 orphan boys - sons of her late sister in Lagos Nigeria.

I spoke to her once for a moment and dumped her... she didn't even sound American. Later after she continued to write so I re-established contact again...just one lonely guy I guess!

By January I was really enchanted by her letters. They were so sweet and I had visions of her as my girlfriend.

Only then did she tell me a story that lead to my ruin. She claims to have sold her property for 3.5 million and was paid cash from the Nigerian Government. It was in a container as Nigeria doesn't wire money to the USA.

The money was shipped with the help of a Diplomat to England where her Lawyer would wire the funds to me.

I'm supporting her and the lawyer. I sent countless Western Unions and Moneygrams because they made me Beneficery to recieve these funds and why not support them ..I'm her sweetheart an would be rich soon!?

I sent maybe $40,000 by western union and $25,000 Moneygram fighting their fraud dept insisting this was different..and real!

I'm a real idiot in hindsight!

The ultimate disaster comes next. The fake story I swallowed hook line and sinker is that the ficticious fortune gets shipped to Paris to a firm, Oassis Security.

They send me photos of the cash and other proof of it being real yeah right..stock photos.

Oasis needs $4,0000 sent to keep this fortune safe till the hired Diplomat can come bring the whole sum to me for $45,000. I sent my life savings and the entire value of my home equity I borrowed against to help Bobbi Billard.

Crazy now from stress, I realize from a scam info site she has used pics of a model in Texas and I have sent everything I had to..Some scammer I've been IM ing with an entire year building trust.

The twists and fake tradegies in this story I haven't even mentioned..as they all needed money sent urgently. Being mugged, sick children, being in need of HIV meds are just a few reasons to save her from doom.

I wish I knew then what I know now. I wouldn't have lost all my savings and my home. Save your self.

Never help anyone! EVER!

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Nov 15, 2022
The victim died!!
by: Anonymous

Unfortunately the man who was scammed died because of complications from HIV. When he gave the scammer money, he couldn't afford to pay for his HIV medicine and he suffered from strokes. He lived for a little while and then died.

I hope that scammer rots in hell!!!

Nov 17, 2012
Karma For This Scammer
by: Anonymous

The scammer behind this has been caught by a scambaiter that goes by the name of Joker. The scammer's identity and a scan of his passport has been posted here:


Sep 01, 2011
A Good Job
by: tunde

You people are doing a good job because its not easy to connect people from different backgrounds together.

Well done

Aug 19, 2011
by: Anonymous

I'm so sorry that you were scammed out of your life savings. I was also scammed for quite a bit of money.

I felt that I had a future with this man, but I found out after it was too late that I had been scammed. I always thought I was smart and such a thing couldn't happen to me.

You have to move forward with your life and start again. That is what I am doing. I know how easy it is to get caught up in the whole process.


May 23, 2011
Dear Broke but not Broken.
by: Anonymous

I am so sorry to hear your loss, I have met 5 men on online dating websites who were all scammers.

There is an emotional cost, and the money that goes with it, when you think that person you form a relationship on the other end is sincere only to find out they were men, or women or a group of scammers.

We are all vulnerable at some point in our lives and make mistakes.

Try not to dwell on it as they may break our pocket books but not our spirits. God knows who they are and they will reap what they sow. My prayers go out to you.

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