It's a scam, then again it's not.

by John S.

So my story is just like everyone else's where two kirby representatives knock on the door and say they were offering a free carpet cleaning today for one room in your apartment.

I've turned them down many times before but today I figured it's for "free" and it's only going to take 30 mins to a hour so what do I have to lose? Long story short 3 hours later me and my wife decide to buy a kirby sentria 2 for $1500 the vacuum cleaner demonstration and the product itself is undeniably awesome, the part that IS 100% a scam is the starting/final price of the vacuum cleaner.

Think of it as the equivalent of you walking onto a car dealership lot and being shown a brand new car for $25,000 and then buying it. Only to come home and go online and find out that other people purchased the same exact car for HALF THE PRICE THAT YOU PAID!!!!

I mean these two started with an absurd price of $3800 for this thing, after 2 1/2 hours of telling them we refuse to pay that amount of money for a vacuum cleaner when we can buy a car for the same amount, he "called" his supervisor and dropped the price to $1500.

So at the end of the day we are happy with our purchase and have no buyers remorse, however I really wish it wouldn't have taken 3 hours of my Saturday away from me.

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