It is not all the sales persons fault

by John

I made the mistake of working for Kirby. I was told that I would be demonstrating in Malls, shows etc. I was told there would be no cold calling door to door, but that was a lie.

I finished my training and was told that I was going to go to a possible customer. No, I was dropped on the end of a street and told to start knocking on doors. I said no, the manager told me to start knocking or I can find another way back (I was new to Toronto and had no clue where I was).

So I knocked on the doors and told people that they should not buy Kirby as the company was dirty. I made it back to the shop and and talked to the manger about this, and he told me to get lost. They later started calling me up saying I owned them money for damage and missing pieces to the Kirby, which was a lie. I threatened to call the police over the scam and they told me to never contact Kirby again. If only that was the last time.

The next time I had a run in with Kirby I was told I won a prize for this survey I do a few days before. They said that they would drop off the kitchen knife set and we made a time. At this time a kid shows up at the door telling me I agreed to a demonstration for a cheap set of knives.

I told the kid I did not and I was told that he was just there to drop of the knives. The kid was upset as he had to buy the knives set himself and would only get refunded if he did a demo. I told him I would sign saying he did the demo, he told me the manager/ride would not be back for an hour and would want to talk to me. I agreed to help the kid out as I know what he was going though.

We just talked for an hour and he called the manager. I signed the sheet saying the demo was complete, the manager would not let it go. He dropped the price down to $500, no go.

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