It IS a scam - former Kirby employee

by Jill

Kirby sales was one of my first jobs at the age of 16. I worked the phones in the office setting up appointments. I quit when I learned it was all a scam.

What the sales reps did was go door to door, not offering to clean carpets at first, but having people fill out little postcards with their name, address, and phone number on it. They were to be entered in a contest drawing in which the grand prize would be a new Kirby.

The only thing is...there WAS no contest, not that I know of! All those postcards came back to us, the phone reps. We were to call each person on each card with a pre-written spiel: "Hi, I'm from the Kirby Company, and I'm calling regarding a contest entry you recently filled out. While you haven't won the grand prize yet, your name was chosen in our weekly drawing and you have won a FREE cleaning for one room of your choice."

And basically it was just to get the sales people in the door, because EVERY postcard we had got that same phone call and during my 2 month stint there, I never saw anyone give away a vacuum!

Surprise surprise, the local office ended up closing, but I wouldn't doubt they're still using this tactic elsewhere in the country. If Kirby reps show up and ask you to fill out a contest-entry postcard, DON'T DO IT!

It's a scam, folks, don't get sucked in (no pun intended).

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