Internet romance( scam romance)

by elusive

This number is used in a dating site, like, Harmony, tinders, Zoosk, and pretty much all dating site. He uses the Name of ANSELL ALLAN OR WENZEL, he claims to be German come from Konstanzer, Bayern GERMANY, and his wife killed in a car accident, mom and dad had also passed away have a son named James that is in university in California USA.

He has plenty of victims through the dating site and he uses another number which is 403 879 4699 under ANSELL Wenzel and the email address connected to this name is

He uses two emails, it depends how bad he got you to being scammed and this is one of his other email

He claims he is in Turkey building bridges and pedestrians, he claims that the Turkish customs are holding back his material, and he been held hostage, and requests an iPhone and laptop by apple. His victims are seniors

Remember to activate those electronics that you are going to send to him, and make sure that you put in your full name, so you can track where in the world this scum bag is.

This number is being used by a SCAMMER AND A CON-ARTIST on any online dating profile. He has different names that he use, yand ou can investigate furthermore what KIND of MONSTER HE IS. You don't need to become a statistic of his scam. You can google this number and it will lead you to some of the scams that he did to the SENIORS. Do yourself a favor STAND UP TO YOUR SCAMMER and to your BULLY. REPORT him to law enforcement.

These are his emails: or

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