Illuminati dating scammer

by Amy
(United States)

Hi, I went to this website called, oh how sorry I was.

I filled out their form as required, afterwards I sent at their request an amount of $300, before-hand, I told the people I had no more money. They then tells me that a package at DHL carrier there in Benin edo State Nigeria, needs to get shipped to me for $900.

Then there was a guy from their brotherhood supposedly, paid $700, and ask that I send $200 to help out with shipping, I sent it through Western Union as requested, I never received no valuable package as of yet.

Somehow the guy name David, he and I began talking, and it lead up to him wanting to come to the U.S., let me remind you; If he is a brotherhood and involved with this 1 million dollar mess, he should not have to ask no woman for one red cent!

One day he asked me to send him $400, to help with his Visa, and the following next day, he ask of me to send him $500 to help with his Visa.

Each time I said "No, I don't have it." Now, if this was real, everybody and their momma's would be rich! So after the guy David, saw that I wasn't stupid for him, he stopped calling me and sending email messages.

And I say this to all American Women and men, all what those Nigerians and foreigners want is Citizenship, and afterwards they will change on you like a bad habit!

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