I won a prize - Yahoo

Someone came to my door and told me they were just trying to gain awareness in the community about Royal Home Care. All I had to do was take the ticket and I was in the draw for $500 or some other minor prizes. Sounds reasonable and I took the ticket and gave my number and name.

4 days later I get a call. You have won a minor prize. Great, I thought. I could choose from a carpet clean, furniture clean or shampoo. Unfortunately, the "mystery gift" had already been drawn. I said I would like the shampoo, please. They said it would take 60-90 mins and I would need to be home. All they asked is if I like what I saw, tell your family and friends.

We made a time and they arrived. When inside they tell me they want to show me the vacuum they are using and if I liked I could purchase. They also said it was a condition of cleaning that I had to watch a demo. Not what I signed up for and I had other things to be doing, I had already moved furniture and piled all my items on top of beds and couches ready for my carpet cleaning.

Well then the sales person kicked into gear and I had to endure a full 2-3 hours of hard selling, with product history, pictures, brochures and a lot of loaded questions. The only real cleaning that was done, was to show me how much their vacuum was picking up. They also wanted $4300 for the vacuum.

I said no chance and it came down to $1600 for a demo model. I did not purchase. They did shampoo the room when I asked them to though. But it was not what I expected from my prize.

So just be warned, if someone gives you a free ticket and you win a free prize, its not always what you expect.

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