I use to work for kirby and its a scam

by Jamie

I used to work for these people in Cardiff in Great Britan. They conned me in to working for them as they promised me the world by saying they are easy sales and loads of people will buy them off you if you are a good salesperson.

I am an experienced salesperson but I only sold 1 kirby in 3 months I was there.

What a waste of time it was working for them.

They dont tell you when you first go there it is a self employed job.

You don't receive your commission straight away and have to wait a while.

The only reason these people are millionairs is because they get silly people like me to do all the hard work for them.

Every time I sell a Kirby thy get up to £1500 on a Kirby and they just pay me $100 per sale.

They make it sound easy to sell, but trust me its not. They tell you that you can win holidays for so many Kirbys sold.

I haven't met anyone who ever won a holiday or made much money.

Dont trust all the sales hype from these people cos its not easy to sell a Kirby.

A Dyson or Vax is just as good and about £1000 cheaper!

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