I thought he really loved me.

by Carol
(Youngstown OH United States)

I was totally scammed by a man named Paul Bradley, said he was a global contractor in Lagos. We talked for almost 2 years, he said he his wife and daughter were killed in an auto accident, he was from Texas and had a home there.

After a short time, he asked if he could put married on Facebook and before I knew it, it was posted. This went on for quite a long time, being alone for almost 15 years I thought I found the love of my life.

His picture was amazing. So being as naive and stupid as I was, I started sending small amounts of money, finally adding up to almost $4,000, my whole savings, I am disabled and get social security so I didn't have much money.

When he found out my money was gone, he was gone. It took me quite a while to get over this, but all the pictures he sent me were all different men, finally I started paying some attention, then I started playing with him and he would get so mad, oh well.

Another lady posted about Brooks Smith, it's so interesting because that's the name he had me send the money too.

To make a long story short, one day I get a message on Facebook, it was a young Nigerian man, he said it was him that scammed me, and that he was so sorry but he still wanted to be my friend.

I learned quite a lesson and will never answer any of those friend requests again, in fact I got one from Jason Bernard Lewis the other day, checked is Facebook wall, someone already put up that he was a scammer.

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