I meet him BCPM he said his name was Kingsley Owsu

I meet this guy on black Christian people meet an he was very humble. We talked everyday and he called me to have prayer as well as sent each other daily scriptures.

Shared many laughs and he sent me flowers and candy and some type of shades and then he asked me to put $500 in his account for his girls and then he asked me to loan him $2500 to close out a very lucrative contract that was going to paid back to me in a few days.

Then he disappeared the next thing I get a text saying he has been in an accident and is not going to make it.

Did I mention that this man had me pick out a wedding dress and was coming to marry me in Paris as soon as his contract was paid out and by the way he had sent me a very official looking will and in it he had left me some money and land etc.

It's long story that took place over about 5-6 months but after I would cooperate with the lawyer he then called and told me he had been kidnapped and that I had to recieve some case that were filled with money so the kidnapper would set him free.

Kingsley Owusu micheal soderson and a pretend lawyer in ghana by the name of barrister Erkstine.

Run away as fast as you can all in all the whole scam cost me about $3200 in cash and other things I mailed to him

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