I fell for the scammer Nancy Gabriel 2 years ago!

by Patrick bloodgood
(Newport washington usa)

Hey years ago I was on a site called Tagged.com and I came across this one profile so I sent her a request to the name Nancy Gabriel from Ohio City, Ohio. I thought hmm she seems cool and really down to earth. I was instantly smitten with the picture she had on her profile which got me hooked.

I believed the nigerian story she told me however I soon talked to a guy on her friends list who warned me she was dating 18 other guys as well. My heart hurt and was heavy. She lied to me and said don't believe anything he tells you.

Every time she messaged me it was always "Hey baby, "i'm starving and need $ for food and send it to this address and I looked up the adddress and was shocked. It was always $, $, $. Walk to town in 90 degree heat to western union her $.

My reply was no I will not. I sent her nothing. I cut off all communication, and contact. Even though the pics she sent me were fake they were beautiful. My favorite was the one of her wearing a bra with very big boobs. I'm a guy so its a guy thing. My advice is be careful dont send $ and not everybody online is who they seem to be if they say anything about being stranded in Nigeria cut off all contact immediately.

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