I feel i have a sixth sense about this Nigerian Scam

by Elena Dsouza
(UAE )

I beleive this Nigerian scam started when the person I got in touch with was on an indian dating site claiming to be an engineer from Edinburgh,UK. Good looking pictures that were too good to be true were posted and I even asked if it was him as it was strange someone looking like this would be on a matrimonial site.

We got chatting online for a few days. I doubted his profile and happened to find another similar profile on that site that matched. I sent a nasty email to this person but he replied with a very sympathetic response.

At this point i felt I was being judgemental,so tried to give them the benefit of doub. I made peace and continued chatting but something at the back of my mind said there is a CATCH.I knew there was more to this.

Anyways I played along for weeks and he showed a lot of interest, but hardly knew much about UK when questioned, and claimed to travel to Africa on assignment for7weeks.

He complained about a bad network in Nigeria. When asked to get on webcam he said he did not have one but would buy one soon. Uill recently he said he was travelling interstate and would be away from keeping in touch.

I recently got an sms from a number +2347030963998 - stating this is Dr.Taylor and this man has been admitted to hospital with the name of Dawson C and he is an expatriate.

It said I will call u back, busy with a patient now.

I immediately knew this was finally a scam, and my intuition was right all along, but this guy tried to play smart and kept denying it by finding ways to make me think otherwise.

I still have not got any reply asking for money. Well they can just suffer and die out there. I am writing this so other women are not tricked as I heard of many such stories so was well aware of such cases and scams.

Elena Dsouza.

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Apr 16, 2011
Good for you Sixth Sense
by: Anonymous

I commend you for following your sixth sense and intuition, as there are so many frauds and scammers out there, and you know for all of us who are honest, and looking for true companionship and friendhip we should start networking together, and maybe something positive will come out of our Negative experiences on dating websites?

This is just a fleeting thought, but I feel for the men and women out there who have been hurt and victimized by these frauds and scammers, because we have been in the same boat, so to speak, we know that we have been through the same experience and I feel for those who have their hearts torn out and the one lady who was wanted to hurt herself because of her experience, I know how you feel.

Just know that you are not alone, and we all have experienced some pain as well. Also If you need to talk to me please do. I will be your friend.

L A GRAY Edmonton.

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