How could I be such an Idiot!

by JC

Well, it was a Saturday evening and lo and behold there is a knock on the door (the type of knock that a family member usually does) preceded with a doorbell. We have a security camera installed but it was dark and did not have the porch light on. My husband then goes on to tell me "I think it's the neighbor and she has our mail" if I wasn't so exhausted usually I am quick to think things through (which I did not) because I had just checked all of our mail the day before and I get notification through the email by the USPS (which shows what I received that day, image etc) usually it's junk mail and so like a moron I opened the door.


The lady just starts making small conversation about my wreath and decor outside. Well the good friendly person that I am kept going along with her. She then starts by showing me a pamphlet (the mail that my husband thought he saw, UGH!) I tell her well I am about to leave, she then gives me a sob story about getting in trouble with the boss. I told her I would sign off on it like I did she said oh no we need to show proof and physically do a showing. I told her ok this little section then, ok great was her response so as I am tidying up the area here comes two other individuals. So & so will be showing you and off she goes! What? Hold on! She lied to me.

Ok I tell them I got to go so please hurry this. They show me how it works, how much I think it is worth, etc Then the guy proceeds to go (I thought to my kitchen) so I said oh your going to clean my kitchen with this, no the bedroom (he was already heading upstairs) What!! No sir! I told him my husband is right there in our room resting (he just got home from work) and he
will get upset.

He says , "he will? They had asked if my husband was home as others had noted. I started to put my shoes on, telling my kids ok get ready we have to run errands. Thank goodness I did, or they would have been there all night. I got my keys, they are still trying to convince me, how much deposit I would put, what payments I would like and the boss is texting (which he never does so they said) one of them kept admiring my home. Saying how gorgeous it is, placing a price on it and all!

I told them that I am very cheap and my decor is all from the dollar tree or I get it on really good deals. (which I do) Go ME! haha well I left but before we left I was miraculously approved. I was like what, I cant deal with this now here's my number and I will get back to you. All I wanted them was out.

Well they came back 30 minutes later thankfully I wasn't home. Then Monday rolls around, here they come around 3ish. I had already told them that I did not see it happening but they showed up anyways. Again, I was not home because I pick up my children from school. I then text them, my husband said NO and stop coming by our house! They probably wondered how he knew they were stopping by without us being there. That was the end of that nightmare!

NEVER AGAIN!!! Oh I forgot to mention when they were showing me how it shampoos our rug, the guy used his shoe to scrub a little section of my rug. He made it worse. Yeah what the hell was I thinking inviting people in my home well I did not they just came in, the first lady lied and said it was she that was to demonstrate.

Just say no to them, do not feel sorry for that person. It is all part of their plan.

$2400 for a vacuum...Hell NO!

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