Horrible Salesman

Had a rep knock on my door at 6pm. My roommate and I both answered since it was dark out and we were not expecting visitors (we are 2 females). He started off nice but once I told him we weren’t interested he starting saying it was because he was black (we are white), that it was because he was a man and we’re being sexist for not letting him in, and we were disgusting for not having our carpets cleaned.

I was thoroughly insulted and told him it was because I do not allow strangers into my house. He had no credentials on him, could provide no website or contact information. So of course I was suspicious! I don’t know how they make money with rude sale reps like this one. 😳

This took place in North Las Vegas, NV.

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Jan 07, 2018
Horrible Salesman
by: Cynthia

First of all if you are not expecting company
do not open the door. Talk through the door and if possible get a storm door which locks and keeps a door between you and them.

Take your phone with you and if anyone ever talks to you take a pic of them and immediately call the police.

These people are scammers and sometimes they travel in pairs. Once they get into your house they will pressure you to buy something.

Please for your safety do not open the door again and warn your neighbors.

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