Holey Carter ExxonMobil Oil Rig Contractor

by Biggles777

Stolen Image of Innocent Man Used by Nigerian Scammers

Stolen Image of Innocent Man Used by Nigerian Scammers


Holey C on the game Words With Friends approaches by starting a game and then a chat discussion. He doesn't tell you much and asks to go to Hangouts. It is the same approach they all do in the game and not done well.

On Hangouts he doesn't say too much about himself. Says he is 50 years old and is the only son of his late parents who died in a car accident 25 years ago. Says he has a daughter but can't name her or say how old he is. That is all you get.

He is in the Gulf of Mexico on an oil rig as an oil and gas drilling contractor. Says he is "a Private Contracting Engineers" and "into drilling of crude oils for different companies e.g. ExxonMobil"

If I am given a story like that it is only going to end one way.

Your discussion is the usual scripted Nigerian questions. Images are exchanged and with time he is in love with you. Any question about what he does is simply not answered or avoided. But he'll ask what he can about you. He has listened to my baiting.

Him: Oh babe

Him: Do you said you have a Credit Card of your own? I mentioned a friend did

Me: Not credit a debit card

Him: It was a busy and tough day for me today

Him: Oh yes you have it close to you?

Him: Can I take a look at it?

Me: Why do you want to see it?

Him: Just wanted to know about it.....

Him: that's all okay

Him: Nothing much okay

Me: ok

Now why would someone ask that? Never show any financial card details you have with someone you've met online and not met in person. Either a photo or any detail like name, number, expiration or CCV code via text. If they push, tell them a different card to what you have and make up the information. Later he wants my full name.

He phishes more about my car. That I do provide with a made up story. We continue and to me it is very clear I'm talking with someone who is a young African and that is soon confirmed.

Him: I got in a little trouble

Me: Oh!

Him: I got disconnected

Me: Okay

Him: My phone cards got finish On an Exxon oil rig?

Me: Don't Exxon have satellite connections on your rig?

Him: No it is different method here

Me: How so?

Him: Am in the middle sea you don't know that Yes I do and you're really not!

Me: Yes I know you said the Gulf of Mexico

Him: Yeah sunshine

Him: Are you close to any Walmart store?

Me: I did say Exxon, right?

Him: Yes

Him: I don’t want to lose talking to you

Him: Is there any store close to you

Me: Well don't they have satellite communications?

Him: No sunshine

Me: Exxon doesn't use satellite communications? They do, they really do

Him: We have our network system here is different

Him: What store do you think you can get a gift card from

Well I know I am right about what I said and he is a load of fluff. I've got another kid wasting my time wanting gift cards to cash in Nigeria. He did ask for an iTunes card. They always say they are running out of data I fluff and ignore him for days. Time to make my move.

Me: I'd like to ask some questions

Him: Anything sunshine


Him: I am getting disconnected very soon if I don’t get the Apple Card

Me: No you won't

Me: Who is Richard Markson?

Him: You are playing with me right?

Me: No it is a serious question

Him: I feel ashamed right now asking for your help

Edit. You can see where I'm taking this. Like all, he refuses to answer my questions so I have to persist. He's not going to tell me so I keep pushing him on Exxon and the pictures he's sent.

Me: Explain ExxonMobil to me. I know that company well

Him: Babe you
are getting all this wrong about my work

Me: I know Exxon very well

Him: I said am a Private Contracting Engineer, which you know about being Private and as a Private Contracting Engineer. I used ExxonMobil as an Example

Me: So you're changing who you work for from what you said yesterday?

Him: That's cause I thought you understood me very well about it

Me: So who do you really work for?

He can't answer so I continue and then he says OCS and starts saying I'm not honest and do not understand. But I am continually tripping him up.

Me: You're on an oil rig?

Him: Yes Babe

Him: Why?

Me: Name it please

Him: Babe am here in OCS Company at Gulf of Mexico working on a Private Contract

Me: You're on an oil rig and you can't name it?

Him: Can't name what Babe?

Him: I said OCS Company here in Gulf of Mexico

Me: That is the company. No matter the company every oil rig has a name. Please name the one you are on.

Him: Babe I don't get you bay that cause OCS is the name of the Company here in Gulf of Mexico

Me: I know that

Me: What I am saying is the oil rig you say you are on has a name. Please name the oil rig you are on

Him: Oh

Him: It's OCS Rig Platform

Him: A Private Company Babe

He takes a little time and sends a video easily found on YouTube of an oil rig.

Me: Okay and the name of it is?

Him: Babe this video is a private video and not allowed to share online so please just be secured with it and don't share in any way okay please I found the video in a few minutes

Me: Name it please

For a few more days we continue and I stop messaging. He comes back saying I haven't got his card. We again debate who he works for the name of the rig and communications on one. I get tired of it and move to the photos he has sent. He tells me the classic my Facebook has been hacked.

Me: We'll we will start again. Why do you have 4 names?

Him: how hackers try hack into my Facebook account and used my pics for all sort of nonsense

Another few days pass and it's not worth posting. He's confused and desperate for his card. I push in my own way and then this.

Me: Just be yourself that is all I ask

Him: Ok I agree

Me: Am I right? Your name is not Holey?

Him: Yep

Me: Thank you. You know who I am. What's your name?

Him: Rich

Me: Is that short for Richard?

Him: Just Rich

Me: Okay I guess you are young?

Him: I am 23

Him: From Africa

Me: Okay so that would be Nigeria?

Him: Yep

Me: Lagos and Wami are you close to one of those?

Him: Yep

Me: Which one?

Him: Warri

I don't know if that is true or not but I'll take it and then play along. He sends a picture.

Above you have the scam and how I end it. Gift cards I used to think were a test as to if you'd pay larger sums later on in an oil rig romance scam. Recently I've learned this is not entirely as I thought. Oil rig engineer romance scams that cause the most financial and emotional loss are by more experienced criminals. They've no interest in a gift card after a week or two knowing each other.

The professional oil rig romance scammers take months before the issue of money is raised. They're so good at it once they know they've won your heart, trust and emotions. They only mention they're having problems and manipulate your emotions into making the victim offer financial assistance. I'll shortly post 3 oil rig romance scams as examples to make the point.

If, like this one, it is cards for data you're talking to someone young who will sell the card for cash in Nigeria.

Email used and still active


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