Hinge dating scam- oil rig engineer Cyprus

by AM
(Indiana )

I met a guy going by the name David Mark on Hinge app seven weeks ago. He said all of the right things, had pictures and even emailed me things. He left for Cyprus only 2 weeks after us starting to talk and all the red flags are hindsight of course - widowed, 2 teenage daughters, boarding school, lives in Indianapolis now after losing wife to cancer.

Says he will be back in February and the weird thing is he offered to help me pay for Christmas for my kids but I declined but I’m sure this was all part of building rapport. His machine broke on the job and his accounts were frozen of course, because he tried to log on from Cyprus and his daughter tried to log in from Scotland. He even sent me a bank home screen with his name and picture, account number and it said in-active.

Of course the point of this was to show me that there was more than 3 million dollars in his account. I finally started digging more after he asked me for the money. I found the guys picture that he was posing as on Linkden. His name is Elie Aoun. He is a public figure of some sort in Dubai/Lebanon. So I contacted him and sent him all the pictures I had been sent, and he said this has happened to him before and he was sorry.

I called out ‘David’ and of course he vanished. I feel like a complete idiot, thankful this only lasted 7 weeks. I notified all the sources I could and even bitcoin because he asked me to send the machine company crypto. I will attach the pictures...this guy is aware his identity has been hacked.

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