Hinge dating scam- oil rig engineer Cyprus

by AM
(Indiana )

I met a guy going by the name David Mark on Hinge app seven weeks ago. He said all of the right things, had pictures and even emailed me things. He left for Cyprus only 2 weeks after us starting to talk and all the red flags are hindsight of course - widowed, 2 teenage daughters, boarding school, lives in Indianapolis now after losing wife to cancer.

Says he will be back in February and the weird thing is he offered to help me pay for Christmas for my kids but I declined but I’m sure this was all part of building rapport. His machine broke on the job and his accounts were frozen of course, because he tried to log on from Cyprus and his daughter tried to log in from Scotland. He even sent me a bank home screen with his name and picture, account number and it said in-active.

Of course the point of this was to show me that there was more than 3 million dollars in his account. I finally started digging more after he asked me for the money. I found the guys picture that he was posing as on Linkden. His name is Elie Aoun. He is a public figure of some sort in Dubai/Lebanon. So I contacted him and sent him all the pictures I had been sent, and he said this has happened to him before and he was sorry.

I called out ‘David’ and of course he vanished. I feel like a complete idiot, thankful this only lasted 7 weeks. I notified all the sources I could and even bitcoin because he asked me to send the machine company crypto. I will attach the pictures...this guy is aware his identity has been hacked.

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Aug 05, 2023
Oil Rig scam
by: Vivianne Kinsela

I too have been scammed by this man. I have been chatting to him on WhatsApp for the past four weeks. Stated he lived in Sydney and had applied for a position which he got working on a oil rig in he Mexican Gulf for Shell.

I realised today when I decided to reverse search his photos he had sent me on Google. His stated name was Francesco Lorenzo. He at this point has not asked for any money but only because he hasn’t been given the chance.

Aug 15, 2021
Facebook, oil rig engineer, Shell Co. Gulf of Mexico/Houston
by: KRC

Same photo of guy befriend me in Facebook, by the name of Matteo Giovanni, claims he's half Filipino, half Italian. The same storyline, marine oil engineer, Shell Co. I met him late May 2021. He says he lives in Mesa, Arizona, divorced, 2 teenage daughters in London studying.

He would call me, text me everyday. After 1 week, he asked me to send gift cards 2X. We chat in whatsup, his Cp# area code is 480, but when I checked, it's under a different name. He also showed me a bank statement/univerunion with his photo, showing some $3M in his account, some savings, bitcoin too.

He gave me his username, password poor, and asked me to takeout about $300,000 to pay his workers. I didn't want to do it at first, but he said he has problems working in the sea. The transfer was done, but the 2nd time he asked me again to take out $20,000, the statement says PENDING, so it can't be done.

He says he'll contact Shell why. He now started to ask me to advance money to pay for damaged equipment and wired money to Jyt Ventures, Fort lee, NJ, to Jirada Ingkavanick.

I've been doubtful from the beginning that maybe he's African so he asked his UK HS classmate, who lives in Phils to video call me. She is a college professor in a Phil University and gave me assurance that he's an honest, kind man, to trust him. And by accident, she, the classmate back when they were in London, mentioned his name as Francesco Lorenzo.

By the way, he's able to get some money also from the lady saying he's in a mess in need of help. The classmate sent him Bitcoin. So I found out his real name and told the scammer. He got surprised and admitted that his real name is Francesco L. He apologized and continued to communicate in whatsup, till he tried again to ask me for more money, but I refused this time.

He sent me everyday lovely morning greetings, but stopped after I couldn't send the money. I tried calling him now, but he does not answer the calls, and stopped texting me too. He sent me photos of his parents and daughters and himself.

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