Herbalife is the success story of many. The concept of Herbalife is it is a Multi Level Marketing Scheme. What is multi-level marketing ?

Commission or Royalty cheques are paid for as many members a person brings in to the company. This is not a simple calculation because the royalty received is a factor of the volume of sales.

This business model is suitable for many people as stock does not has to be buyed from Herbalife and retailed. Thus the demand for product is met from a single distribution outlet and all a distributor has to do is to enroll members who in turn are consumers. Everyone is a member and consumer and volume accumulates and royalty cheques are got to the member/consumer(Independant Herbalife Distributor).

Second important issue is do the products work. There are outer nutrition products and inner nutrition products also called weight loss products. The most popular is the meal replacement shake.

If a plan is followed this product has worked for many if the plan is adhered to completely.

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