Henry Jacksons Shell Oil Engineer Aberdeen Scotland

by Biggles777

Stolen Image of Innocent Man Used by African Scammers

Stolen Image of Innocent Man Used by African Scammers


This is his name today and it will be another tomorrow. Last week it was William Kohli and he decided to come back and try again on my alias. He doesn't say how old he is, marital status, children or anything you'd expect if you met someone online.

Last week this was him, clueless as ever;


This was him this morning;

Him: Could you take picture and send to me

Me: No I just woke up and it's dark.

Him: Okay you can do that later on then

Him: Will you??

Me: I'd expect one of you too

Him: Okay deal

Me: What work do you do?

Him: I’m an engineering contractor that works on the sea, currently now I’m on the rig in Aberdeen Scotland

Me: Okay and which company do you work for?

Me: 27 minutes and you can't name the company you work for

Him: Sorry for the delay, you should’ve known I was tied up with work, I had an emergency, I’m handling a contract giving to me by shell oil drilling company Gulf of Mexico

Edit: Got him. Hook, line and sinker. He goes from Scotland to the Gulf of Mexico in 2 texts.

Him: So about that photo I told you about

Me: Is this where you take my picture and piss off? (I know who you are)

Him: Nah, why would you say that? Fine then, don’t send, I only wanted to see the nice view and you of course

Me: You're not offering any of you

Him: Yes I’ll do so, we agreed on that

Insert picture from him

Me: May I ask a quick question first please?

Him: Okay I’m listening

Me: What do you do for a living again, I'm sorry it is early

Him: Uhm it seems you haven’t been paying attention to a word I say, because I just told you not too long ago that I’m a contract engineer

Me: I've been paying very good attention. Now you have a look at this

Insert picture of him with different name

Me: That is you. Last week your name was William and now it's Henry. Sir, please excuse my skepticism

Him: Well I’ll come clean with you, Henry is the other name my grandmom gave me, i knew it was you, you blocked me on the other hangout and I didn’t wanted to let you go so I added you up here so I could plead to you to unblock me

Me: Good bye

Me: Scam

Him: Please don't block me

Him: Please don't shut me out

Him: Hello

Him: Please don't shut me out

End of his game as I block again. Email in use: henryjacksons240@gmail.com

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