He calls his name john

by antha
(dallas texas)

I encountered such a scam with a man in his 50"s {57} on datehookup.

He said he liked my profile and wanted to really get to know me as I sounded interesting. He asked a lot of questions about my lifestyle and hobbies then he immediately said he had the same hobbies and interests.

He then asked if I knew about yahoo messenger. I said im unfamiliar with this. Well we started chatting and he told me he was looking for a life partner for a commitment. I said we will see. Within two days he was telling me we have a connection and he wanted to see pics of me and he gave me pics of himself and Ghana. Now he didnt tell me he was in Ghana till a day later after we had been chatting.

He didnt mention in his profile that he was in Ghana as he said he was from New York. His income he listed showed he was prosperous and he had pics of a dog and business associates. He lookeds a older caucasian man and he even ablibed his profile as a man looking for a serious relationship.

He sent me separate pics of Ghana.

Now i realize that his whole profile was a fake. I never talked to him on the phone only through messenger. He sounded decent and we shared a lot of intimate words and stated things we would like to do in life together then he asked me for money.

He said that he went to the bank to draw out money for the workers of his ficticious building project in Ghana $25000 when suddenly he was robbed by two bad men who demanded money or his
death so he had to give them all of the payroll that he was supposed to give to the workers.

He said he didnt want his business associates to know about this that he raised $20000 from his own money but was lacking $5000 and if i could help him and that he was embarrased to ask me this as i am the only person he can trust.

I had not been talking to this man long only about 3 weeks and I havent answered any of his emails and ignored them even though he is still trying to messenger me.

I just left him alone and didn't give any reasons why but everyone needs to be careful with their hearts as there are many opportunists out there who will take advantage of you anyway.

They really made me think more clearly and not put too much heart in it. When he sent a pic of western union that was the mistake he made plus ive never seen pics of the construction site.

I was suspicious but kept a open mind then when he asked for 5000 dollars i knew it was a romance scam. He is a supervisor but doesnt have any extra money or insurance on money for a huge building project. He even put that he had a son. He stole this poor mans pics and staged his life to extort money out of me.

My advice till you see the person face to face do not trust anything. He probably was a African man posing as someone else to recieve sympathy from a poor lonely heart women to get money.

I havent talked to him since yesterday when he gave me that horrible story lol

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Mar 01, 2017
John Von Stengel
by: Marina

Hello, Your story is so similar to mine. I met a man by the name of John Von Stengel (originally from Germany) was on a trip to Ghana and Chad on business uilding an Orphanage. He stated he was robbed, and needed money to continue to pay the workers.

He also stated he had a son, needed money for plane tickets, they were in an accident on their way to the air port, needed more money for medicine, hospital etc..

I'd love to post pics. How to post pics to this website. He was on ourtime.com, match.com, eHarmony.com

With different names, different age, different hair color, different color of eyes etc.




ED: you can post pictures when you start a new submission [not adding a comment to an existing submission] - use the page below and you can see photos here:


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