Has anyone been contacted by a Dr Donald Hilton, orthopedic surgeon from Dublin, Ireland?

by Colleen Johnson
(United States)

Thru twitter, I was contacted by a Dr. Donald Hilton, an orthopedic surgeon from Dublin City, Ireland. Father of 2. 17 yr old son went to school at the University of Aberdeen in the United Kingdom. He also has a 15 yr old daughter. Supposedly he was working for the UN in Yemen, contracted for 2 yrs. We talked on twitters message board but he wanted to go to Hangout for further messaging. I talked with him for a while, but sometimes he talked naturally in a language other times it was like someone else was speaking.

He did not follow the same speech pattern. He called me a few times, but it was always early in the morning est in the states, which would have made it 8 hours later in Yemen. Just about drove me crazy, I finally just blocked him from Hangouts, and I just had a gut feeling all was not on the up and up with this guy.

If you go to his twitter account, there is a picture of a nice looking man, he said he was 60, in a light blue shirt and dark blue jacket. His picture in the foreground shows a surgery unit. Don't know if he was legit or not, but something was just off with this.

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