Harvey Lee, Henry Zhang Oil rig engineer asiatic

by Youyoop

Hello, they have photos about 45 or 50 year old. I don't think really from them. I was contacted by them from Facebook, first one a week ago and second one only yesterday. I found it's weird both claimed the same work, speaking English and Chinese too.

Today I realise they are scammers, so I asked some questions, for example why they don't have friends on Facebook (one has already disappeared from friends list). They said they're new to it. They forgot often what's said and repeat other things and when you ask questions that they can't reply, for their work or personal life. So I said directly to them I don't believe all this. One said he is hurt by that and tried to justify again and again, then I deleted him.

The other one was angry with my way being so direct and quit.

Don't waste time with them!

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