Harrison Mack aka Arnold Anderson Nunaoil Oil Rig Engineer

by Biggles777

Stolen Image of Innocent Man Used by Nigerian Scammers

Stolen Image of Innocent Man Used by Nigerian Scammers


"Mack" Harrison is on WWF2 as Mack H. He is short on details but says he grew up in Belgium and is now from Florida, working in Denmark. He has a son named Derick cared for by a nanny in the USA. He dropped from the game and I lost some details. You'll now see oil rig scam red flags one after the other. I've not waited for the money and you'll see why. .

You'll also be left asking just how can they be so ignorant

The following are some quotes where he talks about himself.

Him: I’m the chief mechanical engineer my job is to ensure that works are taking properly.. I have colleagues that works with me...

Him: My last contract was in Gulf of Mexico which took over 5 months

Him: One can’t fly back home to visit his family.

Him: I’m on a different mission with others we have various departments here..

Him: I’m so lucky to get this contract because it cost me all my effort to apply for this..

Me: Well that is good who is it with?

Him: I work with Nunaoil..

Him: Nunaoil is the national oil company of Greenland In Denmark

Him: I bet is one of the best in the country

Edit: Okay so he has a story and knows who he works for. Then he asks to change the email he is using with my alias. From his "work" one to "personal" account.

By doing this you're given the biggest red flag. He changes his name Why would anyone do that, ever?

Him: This is my business email and I don’t always stay online hope you don’t mind we text on my own mail than company email...

Him:Thanks and don’t text me over here again thanks

Edit: To the new email

Me: Why was your work email @gmail.com and not @nunaoil.gl ?

Him: That’s my personal work email I bid for contract and work in conjunction with Nunaoil.

Him: And beside I’m not the owner of Nunaoil so I don’t think my email should be tag with the name.

Edit: What a load of rubbish, another red flag. He now has two names;

Harrison Mack
Arnold Anderson

I decide to ask a simple question.

Me: What is the name of the oil rig you work on?

Him: Maersk Drilling based in Lyngby, Denmark.

Edit: That
took some time. It's a town in Denmark, not an oil rig and it appears there is no drilling in that town. I know I am talking with someone young. He throws the emoji all the time. The scripted questions are there but he was told my alias was not looking for love. When he starts with the romance it's rebuffed or I ignore.

Like them all he has an air of confidence, arrogance and what you say doesn't register..

Him: Another day is a gift, so don’t forget to share it with your loved ones. Good morning my dearest friend

Me: Thank you and a good day to you I’ve been busy with my work schedule but I’m taking tomorrow off

Him: Are you at home now

Me: Yes:

Him: So any special plans

Him: Would love to talk to you more

Me: A quiet evening for me and I just got home after dinner with some friends Note that

Him: Hope you’re not tired?

Me: I am a little but that’s fine I’ve 3 days off now

Edit out a few lines

Him: What do you have for dinner?

Me: Quite a nice Italian meal

Him: You eat alone ?

Me: I just told you I was with some friends

Edit: Twat! It's common. They just don't pay attention and ask the same repetitive questions. Let's see if he understands this one. No disrespect to the 167 lost souls. After the next exchange he thinks my alias is smart and I learn just what an idiot he is.

Me: I guess you’re not really enjoying the weather and onset of winter?

Him: Like you read my mind

Him: I don’t and I miss my hometown (Emoji removed)

Me: Well it does get quite cold

Me: If I recall you’re on the Piper Alpha oil rig right?

Him: Smiling emoji

Him: You're fun

Me: Oh at least I’ve my memory

Him: Yep

Him: You’re that smart

Me: That’s great now you go do a Google search and have a think about that

Him: Lol I will

Him: Call me Mack

Him: And you?

Me: Okay Mack I’ll be back in a few minutes

He is absolutely clueless. He just agreed he works on the Piper Alpha oil rig, destroyed in the largest modern day oil rig disaster with the loss of 167 souls. What a disgrace

Email used:


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Mar 27, 2024
Stolen photos
by: Anonymous

Your scammer is one of hundreds using so many photos of Brazilian businessman Alexander Correa. The scammers also use photos of Alexander with his young son which is disgusting.

His photos are very popular as he was married to a TV personality (Anna Hickman) therefore there are a lot of photos in the media of him and his family.

Alexander does seem to take a lot of selfies which is very handy for the scammers.

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