Harrison Devea on Words With Friends ExxonMobile Oil Rig Contractor Gulf of Mexico

by Biggles777

Stolen Image of Innocent Man Used by African Scammers

Stolen Image of Innocent Man Used by African Scammers

I met one Harrison Davea on words with friends who claims to work on contract on oil rigs in the Gulf of Mexico for ExxonMobile.

Soon he is asking to go to Hangouts. Once there it is the usual scripted African scam questions.

He says he has two children Jeffrey and Kelly aged 11 and 9 in school in California. He never mentions which one but does say he has a nanny to take care of them.

Some exchanges between him and me below;

Him: So tell me have you been on any dating site before??
Me: Yes. But I thought Words With Friends was more of a game than a dating site

We talk the usual loving things and images are exchanged. His are stolen. He then asks if I am talking to other men, he says I am the only woman he is talking too. Why is he always online? 24/7 he is online via his phone when he clearly states he'll blow something up on the rig by using it.

Him: Do you believe in distance relationship? (red flag)
Me: To be honest I have not really given it any thought
Him: Oh I see you can still get it try?
Me: Maybe

Him: What are you looking for in a relationship?
Me: Well to be honest I haven't given it much thought

Him: You aren't showing active on hangout I. Don't know why
Me: Oh really I have **** check it as she gave me the account

Me: Harrison dear. Has someone stolen your photos? They are on the web with different names.
Him: Oh that's really so bad. They're so f****** people out there you know that right. Why would someone use my pics
Me: I really didn't want to ask Harrison but I mean if you are not aware you should be dear
Him: I just have to be careful that's all. People are very wicked and bad this days

We've been talking for almost two weeks. He has covered relationships and changed how he addresses you to be more intimate. Then he starts with the textbook scam questions again.

Now he turns up the love after he repeatedly wants photos and one is given. In come the YouTube songs from Celine Dion. He goes from calling you his babe to his sweetie. That is scam talk.

More relationship and love fluff and blah, blah over several days. But now he wants you to name a place you can go to be together. He also says how long he has been on the rig, 7 years and that he plans to retire soon. He talks, when pushed, about the rig he is on.

Him: I am on rig called Jack field and is located in approximately 7,000 feet of water in the Walker Ridge area, approximately 280 miles (450 km) south of New Orleans, Louisiana in the gulf of mexico high sea.

Jack Field is the oil field not a oil rig.

Him: You see the rig have some many people working but I have a my own workers they work under me. (That would be true if you were a paid manager on an oil rig, not a contractor.)

Him: I also have a boss that pay money when we're done working it's huge amount that's the reason I work a lot and you know I always asked you about investments. (You can see, he has asked about my financial position, he got a house of cards. More importantly, what he says is not true, he would be paid by Exxon)

Him: It take time to pay money because you have to finish up your job it's a Contractor (This is good, he is saying I can't pay. Only one problem. He would be a paid employee and not a contractor)

Him: When you get anything damage at work you pay them yourself so it's experience you use to work (This is the real red flag. No, he would not be on contract nor be in a position to pay a dollar. Exxon would pay all costs)

Me: Oh okay I understand, so you are the contractor with your own workers and you have someone you report to? Is that right dear? Also you pay costs if something goes wrong or breaks? And this is Exxon right? (I know I am being lied to but keep asking)

Him: Yes that's true. I'm always been so careful at work because things are so expensive here mostly a drill oil
So you just have to be careful at work.... I do love the questions you asked it's good to know more about me sweetie (Again. simply not true. Exxon would never ask anyone to pay for drilling equipment)

Me: I can imagine oil is not cheap and nor are oil rigs and all that goes with them. But if I am right, as a contractor, you are your own businessman, is that right? (I am going along with him to find out the scam)

Him: Honey I do have a boss that take me to the rig so I'm loyal to him. Just that I have been working on the rig for long so I have my own workers that also loyal to me (Maybe if you're an employee but not a contractor)

Me: Ok I have it now and is your boss a contractor too?

Him: No just a supervisor my boss is not working he's the one that supervisor. (That's about the closest to the truth he has come)

Me: Oh alright well I understand now. So how long have you been on the rig? Is your contract a fixed term? You know 1 or 2 years? (I understand one thing. I am being lied too as nothing he says is true)

Him: I have been working on the rig now for more them 7
years. I have been working for a very long time now sweetheart I do like the job

Me: That is a very long time. So when do you get to have a vacation?

Him: I'm almost done with my contract not a lot of work sweetie so I think I will be home with you soon sweetheart (later I ask when his last vacation was and he says Christmas. So he has been on the rig for 7 weeks at that point. No worker spends any more than 4 weeks on one. If that long, their leave is longer)

Okay. That is edited slightly to protect my alias.

It goes on with more fluff and blah, blah. I get bored so decide it is time to have some fun and see what he'll say!

I step back for a few days. He messages me and soon he does show an interest in my kid. He also goes back to what he knows best, throwing the love at me.

He then sounds me out more on my wealth. He asks what car I drive, I lie, he has a 2019 Lexus but wants a brand new Range Rover.

Him: You have no ideal how much I do really love you and want to be with you sweetheart
I just want you to. Give me a try
I want you to open. Your heart
I will show you the real meaning of love sweetheart

Me: You always turn to love. There's more to relationships than that. You ask me what I plan. What do you plan?

Him: I have a lot of plans I just want to see you and make. Things. Easy for us I'm planning to see you do so many things together and make. Our future more brighter sweetheart make a happy family

Me: Okay

He sends me a screenshot of Hangouts settings to get me to show online

Me: What is that?

Him: I want you to show active on hangout. I want you to have faith okay I do believe everything will work for us it's just going to take time

Me: Well that says your device is off but you're always on your phone here

Him: My device is not. Off I'm showing you. Know to do it. You told me you. Don't know how to set it
And you wanted to tell your daughter to help. You set it. I'm showing you how to fix it sweetheart

Me: It's not broken.

Finally he does it. I say I'm going shopping and he asks for an iTunes card. So I just ignore it.

Him: Sweetheart on your back from work can you get me iTunes card

Me: hello dear I kinda got lost a bit yesterday

Him: Sweetheart did you see my text about the card I asked you about? Sweetheart you did not send me your house address

Me: hello dear. I am sorry but I ended up with the neighbors yesterday afternoon. Why do you want a iTunes card babe? Ooh no! Don't tell me you're going to download Snoop Dogg and Wiz Kahlifa too!

Time to call an end to it.

Him: Hello sweetheart. What's wrong with you. Are you okay sweetheart??

Me: No you asking for an iTunes card isn't so you can download Snoop Dogg or Wiz Khalifa. I've heard about scams where they change cards for Bitcoin

Him: Do you believe in can do such thing. Just asking you for card these not mean I will change them to bitcoin
Sweetheart I'm not like that. There's no reason doing that sweetheart (Note the poor English?)

Me: Well I'm sorry but first your photos all over the web and now this. Also Exxon pay for any costs on oil rigs and not contractors. Something is not right and I believed you (No I did not!)

Him: Sweetheart what do you think about me sweetheart. Wanting you know the reason why I want the Card sweetheart
You also use ITunes card on your phone my love

Him: Hello Don't you want to talk to me. Again just me. Know sweetheart. You're giving me so attitude

Me: And you are giving me a scam next you'll have an accident on the rig and no money

Him: Is there any reason you're sounding like this. Just because I asked you to get me a card you started calling scam sweetheart. Is this how you're going to treat me (Yes it is!)

Me: I'm not daft man. iTunes cards, your photos all over the web. Exxon don't use contractors on oil rigs

Him: I don't understand what you mean sweetheart. We can video call of you want to. I'm real okay (No he has a video of the man in the pictures with no sound. The other time he had no cam. His iPhone 7 has a cam)

Me: Well call Exxon yourself. Tel +61 3 9261 0022 Your photos are all over the web. You are not the person in the photos I am talking too.

Him: You. Just have to believe me. I'm real What prove do. You want from me. I want you to believe me okay

Him: Sweetheart you don't have to say that okay. I can video call you. I want to show you that I'm real. I. Will also send you the pics you wanted

Me: You on the rig, the helipad they all have those. Right hand 3 fingers only. I'll get a coffee, you're on your phone so it is a short walk. Do that and I believe you

Him: Alright sweetie

Me: 7 hours since we spoke. How hard is it to walk to the helipad and take a selfie?

That ended it. The man whose photos are used is innocent and his images have been frequently used. Three are attached here.

Avoid these two emails;




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Mar 17, 2022
by: Anonymous

Hi Biggles777!! I got the scammer. I have talked to whoever Randy Jackson is. I have been researching the pictures whoever Randy Jackson is. They have sent me a lot of pictures of Harrison Devea. Whoever Randy Jackson is he hacked my friends Facebook account. I did notice the difference between Randy and Randi.

I found a link to Randi and that I know her from my school and Randy asked me go to his hangout which I did accept his invitation. Randy and I talk on many things but he did send a video of his son but won’t show Himself. But he did send me lots of Harrison’s pictures himself and his sons.

I kept saying to myself who is this man? I feel not right because I can feel the Holy Spirit warn me about this person Randy Jackson. He used Harrison’s pictures. I have been trying to search to find the pictures to match on google but he was not there until I decided to use my google picture to search and found the match on your article picture!

BTW I am deaf. I feel so stupid that I didn’t know the person because I thought the person is Randy Jackson was his real but it is NOT. Now I know it is Harrison so in your article picture real? Pls let me know ASAP!!

Thank you

Mar 10, 2020
Reference Exxon mobile crook
by: Anonymous

I'm glad you told me these people are even using video without language. I'm so naive to all this stuff I didn't even know that was possible. I like how you asked him to get on the helipad and put three fingers up. At least that's something we know to do in the future if we plan on playing with these folks or run across them again.

The guy that scammed me ask for a steam card. He said he needed it for communication reasons or something. Again I'm not even sure what that does. I did look it up and don't remember now unfortunately. Now I understand that it was probably being converted to bitcoin.

He was talking about Bitcoin from day one pretty much and asking me to open a Bitcoin account. I'm glad it never worked as my information wouldn't go through.

Mar 10, 2020
Poor English
by: Anonymous

I know the guy that scammed me had some of the most accurate use of the English language I've ever run across! I even mentioned to him that he speaks better than native Americans. He was supposedly from Denmark using the VERY popular and stolen Thomas Madsen photos.

Mar 09, 2020
Re Harrison Davea
by: Anonymous

Just curious what country he says he is from. Obviously, you are smart enough to know his English and grammar is lousy, so wondered how he justified that.

These are all getting so repetitive, but having fallen in love and being hit financially, I can't help but follow. Thank you for your efforts Biggles777.

The man I spoke with for almost six months had beautiful command of the language, even when we spoke. However, although he said he was raised in America, his Swedish (?) accent was very prominent. It was Fidelity who finally got me to realize I was being scammed. At the time, I was annoyed, but am so grateful now. Had never heard of these scams before. Hope they are dwindling.

Check out "Scamming Scammers" on FB. They seem pretty straight up.

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