Harris Williamswit aka Harris Williams

by Biggles777

A Stolen Image of an Innocent Family Used by African Scammers

A Stolen Image of an Innocent Family Used by African Scammers


Harris Williams is on WWF. You do not get as far as the scam but the person in the photos used is an innocent man. Over the coming week you will see how I came across this person. Elsewhere on this site victims talk about communicating with more than one person when being scammed. It is true. Visit the FBI website and an agent of theirs confirms romance scam criminals work in groups in a video.

This person is part of a group of 3 based in Lagos. The sole intention of my experience with the account is to try and scam someone for a second time. But I know what is really happening. In this case they're trying to phish for information on me. All are in their 20s and I've posted photos of one of them elsewhere on this site.

From this I learned how they work together and exchange information on victims. This is heavily edited and I'll post again shortly naming the group with 2 real names, aliases and pictures of the criminals.

Harris Williams is in the game as Harris W. That changes to Harris Williamswit when you move to Hangouts.

Both on and off the game there is very little information about who Harris is or what he does. I can verify this alias is currently active and being used to scam people;

There is a brief exchange between us with all the usual Nigerian scam questions. Favourite colour, food, movie, do you own your house, car etc. I
lie but remain consistent with my alias. Any question I ask is ignored.

Him: I'm an engineer

Me: What kind of engineer

Him: I travel a lot for my work

Him: I have visited France, Spain, Germany, Italy, Holland, Dubai and Washington DC of the united states and some places in Uk like that of Aberdeen of skotland, ireland and wales.

Him: where are some recent place you have visited?

Him: I was born in Tijuana, Mexico, I have traveled to some places, and it is really a nice experience because I do learn their way of living.

Me: What kind of work do you do?

Him: What is your time?

Him: Missed Hangouts call

Him: Missed Hangouts call

Him: (Edit to cover my alias)

Him: (Edit to cover my alias)

Elsewhere 2 others are doing the same as I do not block. So at the same time 3 of them are calling me. I know who 2 are. Also note the poor English.

Harris then continues texting with the arrogance of youth. I won't post it but the language becomes Lagos talk with a mix of English. I've spent time refusing every phishing request. Those are edited out too but I will make a post soon to show how they mine your information.

In short, Harris has a meltdown and becomes highly abusive. He's not the only one in Lagos who has had one recently as you'll see from upcoming posts.

Avoid this email:


There are two more emails and I will post them soon.

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