Happy to be with Primerica

by Jaynie

Hi, I have have been with Primerica for a short period of time and I can tell you I am a team member with a very good office.

Just like not all people are alike, not all restaurants or all businesses are alike, the Primerica offices are not all alike either.

I did "research" on Primerica such as reviews, the BBB, the state corporations, etc. Then I started checking reviews for Prudential, Progressive, Allstate and State Farm Insurance and other well known insurance companies. Guess what, found the same complaints about them as I found with Primerica.

You cannot please everyone all the time, some people will have good experiences and not so good experiences. We are all entitled to our opinions and we all don't see things the same way. I can only share what I've experienced.

I can vouch for myself that the office that I am in, they are encouraging, honest and good people to be a team with. All are ready to help with training, knowledge and positive attitudes.

Yes, does it benefit them and the higher ups for me to succeed, but that's like any business - what employer does not benefit from an employee to show up and do a good job to help their corporate office or boss make more money?

The difference here is you are rewarded based on your efforts. See in my current job, I've been cutback twice due to the economy, bonuses and incentives taken away for a few years now and my salary looks like it will not get restored but with all the cutbacks of staff, I am now working 3-4 peoples jobs for the same lower salary, working longer hours, with way more responsibilities.

I am grateful I have a job but i work harder for less money and I do my job as best as I can and my boss succeeds (who is already a millionaire) and the company succeeds and I get to keep my job and miss out on family, kids growing up, events, vacations, etc.

But with Primerica, I learned new things that I had never known before, I am on my way to getting my life license which I never thought in my life would ever accomplish.

Primerica has helped my father tremendously who is on his way to the "top", a man with only a 9th grade education due to personal issues in life, but has the love, compassion and the heart to push forward because he loves the fact that he gets to help people, mainly younger people, learn what he never learned and get them on the right track to saving money for their retirement, protecting their families and financial independence.

So that they do not need to struggle to make ends meet or live paycheck to paycheck like most middle America does. All based on your efforts, there's no selling involved, all it is
is showing people and it is up to the individual.

No pressure, no convincing, no badgering, just show Primerica and leave the rest up to them. Is there recruiting, yes there is but I've "recruited" for my current job good people to work there and no return. I trained, helped, assisted them but I did not receive any incentive - yes my salary which is already cut back. Only the sales people get overrides and commissions on "recruiting".

With Primerica, I do recruit but only if the person is open to it, if they would like to earn extra money, if they are open to the concept of sharing what they have learned.

If not, no problem - there is someone out there right now who can do this part-time, who either lost their job after working there for 10, 15, 20 years of their life and all they got was a severance and a good bye, is stressed out from their job, have been overlooked for promotions or are doing 2-3 person responsibilities who are living paycheck to paycheck, no savings for emergency fund, no retirement who have the opportunity for under $100 to get into a new career change, work and get promoted based on their efforts (working hard for themselves) not the corporation, not the millionaire boss but for you and your own family.

You have to be self motivated and disciplined, if you're not this is not for you and its not for everyone. But helping people learn what I learned and if they want the opportunity to do the same, why not?

I've met so many people who lost their jobs and are doing this full time now earning really great money, winning trips and gaining recognition. I met a wealthy man who lost everything in the stock market about a year ago and is a single dad with a son, who has won trips, is doing this full time and is on his way to making full time income with the freedom to spend time with his son.

I met a single mom who was shown Primerica but because she had a good job or so she thought, she didn't need Primerica but then this good employer of her good job, let her go one day and she was out of a job and with kids to support, no job, no savings and no other money resources is now doing this full time and loves it -is so motivated, so driven and loves that she has helped people through Primerica.

If this was such a scam why would my higher ups have their kids involved? I have my kids involved. We wouldn't hurt our kids.

My dad got me involved and he would never do anything to hurt me or steer me wrong. I am so glad he thought of me to show me Primerica.

Thanks dad! See you at the top!

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Jan 25, 2016
Rerecruiting perhaps?
by: Anonymous

With the fact there are so few "virgin" prospects available, and soooo many ex Primericans in the marketplace (over 1,375,000 since 2010 alone), Primerica is now resorting to claims such as "you worked for a bad office" etc in order to entice them to rejoin the organization through a different office.

It appears Primerica is now entering desperation mode. Unfortunately for them, the motives remain, regardless of which office, to recruit recruit recruit.

And they are just confirming how difficult that is by this very comment above.

Jan 24, 2016
by: Anonymous

Everything that was said in this last blurb is 100% straight out of Primerica's "Myth Busters" manual, word for word, and was most likely written by someone in their Social Media department in Duluth.

Notice how its merely words without any actual facts? That is unless its a fact written by some organization they're a member of or pay a fee too?

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