Guy claiming to be in the Marines in nigeria

by Kaylan
(Iowa, United States )

I had met this guy one day on Facebook and had started talking there. After 20 mins he asked if I could download an app called Whatsapp due to he was new to the online chatting. I had tried later that night to look at his Facebook profile but was no longer available.

So talked on the app for over a month and had told me how much he loves me and can't wait to be with me. Keeps saying how he thanks God for bringing me into his life and how he can't stand being so far from me. I have told him I have no money to help but still insists you get a loan or borrow from family and friends and he'll pay them back for the help.

I'm so not buying into it due to have read online about scammer doing this to lots of people. But saying your in our military when you have access to your money bUT saying you don't really. I have a sister who was in the army for awhile and she had access to money.

I just want this person to stop and has said that his general will send a sergeant after me if I don't help is that really possible for our military to even do that.

Not sure what to think or do anymore. You have a few pictures of the person cause not sure if he's who he says he is.

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Feb 02, 2017
Nigerian spammer
by: Linda

All of our stories are just pretty much identical. I read them and just feel that the more I read the better I feel and can heal from going through such a heartbreak. It just really still has been such a shock to myself that I usually can feel and get a gut feeling about people, and shy away from anyone, man or woman who I don't feel is good or is a fake.

But the guy I met really caught me at a time in my life that I was taken by his words, promises, supposing to be who he was and his love for me! I will go on from this and will learn to be forever more cautious, no matter what they look like or what they say.

They are totally pros at what they're doing! So I am really thankful that we all have found one another and gain strength and wisdom from each other's stories and heart-felt some of our heart broken stories.

All of us can and will rebuild our faith and our womanhood again and will find a true love, one without lies, deceit, false promises, and certainly one who won't ask for money or laptops or anything!

I look forward to reading more, and thank you for your stories asked support! Stay strong and love yourself!

Take care.


Dec 04, 2016
by: Anonymous

Red flags all over!!! This guy is a scammer. Same modus operandi of all scammers. Tell him he can get help in the nearest American embassy.

And tell him you can send his profile to the Interpol so he can get help. Do not fall in his lies.

Good luck!

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