Good vacuum

by debbie
(riverview,fl. USA)

I'm having a hard time comprehending these "scam" allegations. I had a sales guy knock on my door.

He had a business card and said he was selling Kirby vacuum's. He said he would vacuum and shampoo a rug so he could demonstrate what the vacuum can really do. I let him in to demonstrate the vacuum. I wanted to see what the vacuum could do, not just waste this mans time and get my carpet cleaned for free.

This is his job.

Just like we all get up and go to our jobs. He did his job well and sold that vacuum to me. The Kirby vacuum is incredible. It has brought my 6 year old carpets back to looking almost new. The Kirby vacuum is not a scam. The vacuum is awesome.

I had a friend here the same time I was getting my demo and she told him she could not afford it. He was very polite and professional.

And yes the price was negotiable just like any investment. House, car, etc. You may have a bad sales experience, but don't call Kirby a scam. This vacuum is truly incredible.

If you're not interested in actually seeing the demo and spending at least $900.00 on this vacuum just say "no thank you" at the start like a grown up.

If they didn't show you in person what this vacuum can do, you would never believe it!

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