good thing i checked this site! thanks guys!

I really think this is a scam! hell why did I send her some pictures of my self! They might use it for their scam!

Anyways here's what she said..

I am so happy to hear from you and i will like to tell you a lil bit about me...Well my real name is Tracy Collins and i am 31 years old..I am the only child of my family and i got no siblings and i have lost my both parents in an automobile accidents in the last 5 years back and my grandma was the only person that is left with me since i lost my parents....I was originally from Phillipines and i am mixed race..My mom is Black while my dad is white...And since i lost my parents i was alone and things are very hard for me and not quite long i just came down to Nigeria to be with my grandma because she was the only one that is left with me like i told you earlier..So presently i am in Nigeria and i am not working presently it was my grandma that is assisting me financially with the little amount of money that she use to collect every month as her retirement fee because it's very hard to get a job here in i am seeking for
the right man that i am going to relocate with and start a new life together and i am 5:7 110lbs...I have 1 kid and her name is Jessica and i hope it does not bothered you that i have a kid right?she's 3 years old now and i am seeking for a man that is Kind,Loving,Honest.Faithful and that is also ready for a real and long lasting relationship like i do but i am also open to meet new people as well and become friends i am a one man woman and i will surely like my man to be a one woman man as well ...I think that is that about me for now and i will surely tell you more in the next email because i believe communication is the KEY to the right and long lasting relationship and the more we communicate the more we grow and develop fast in getting to know more about each other....and i hope to hear more from you as soon as you get this message and these are my pics that you are going to like but before i go i will like to tell you that i am ready to relocate and live in another country so far the love of my life is there...

Till i hear from you again have a nice and wonderful day..Tracy

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