Gold and romance scam

by andy
(dumfries , scotland , uk)

Hi there. I have been dating a lady who calls herself Sirina Mends. She says she is an afro american living with her grandmother in Accra Ghana, and needs money for papers to get back to the States.

She also claims to have a gold inheritance and wants me to help her get it out of ghana and sell it.

Does this sound like a scam ?

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Sep 18, 2018
Gold what Gold
by: Ralph

LoL. l was chatting with a girl from Ghana called Sirina Mends over a year ago. After a few weeks chatting she dropped into the conversation that her father and uncles owned a gold mine. Her father had died and left his portion of the gold to her. Unfortunately the gold worth millions was with a security company and she didn't have the storage fees they to pay them.

From what I remember she wanted me to send her $5000 to pay the storage fees. She said she would be able to pay me back $50000 because it was just a loan and there were millions in storage. She made it seem so plausible and even went as far as to send me various paperwork from the company holding the gold, some letter from the government confirming that the gold belonged to the family and various other letters.

It was all very impressive. She even went as far as to say that once l sent the $5000 and the gold was released she would send it to me so that l could sell it for her. I played along with her for a few weeks but it fizzled out. I realised right away it was a scam but it was a good one and she has an answer for every question l could think off. I think we stopped chatting not long after that. She probably went looking for another mug.

Mar 21, 2017
A friend is being scammed
by: Anonymous

My friend - yes really it's not me. He says girl he skypes with has tried to fly out, but was detained because grandmother had packed a gift in her luggage for him to surprise him with and it was Gold dust. So now girl can't leave Ghana because they took her passport and everything.

I told him to please be careful, it sounds like a scam to me. He swears she hasn't asked for any money. He says he has even talked to the grandmother.

It is a scam. I know it! He doesn't think so. I need to prove to him that it is before it's too late.

Oct 31, 2015
A scam????
by: Terri

Of course it's a scam! This is how they get people's money from them! They play the sympathy card and lie like crazy to get every penny they can. It also may be a guy you're talking to also.

They post fake pictures and everything.

DO NOT SEND ANY MONEY! There is also no gold involved!

Good luck to you.

Oct 31, 2015

by: Steve

Yes it does sound like a scam!!

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